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Chesterfield Elementary Students Get Creative During At-Home STEAM Week

​​​​​​​Emilia used dish soap and water to make her own bubble mixture. Marcus built a tower out of blocks, and Reagan used plants and rocks to illustrate a spring picture. ​

These Chesterfield Elementary students and their classmates recently turned their homes into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) classrooms with the help of second-grade teacher Jennifer Cochran and their parents.

Cochran organized an all-school STEAM week with daily challenges for students to participate in while schools are closed during the coronavirus pandemic. The young learners took on the projects either individually or with family members. 

“The activities were successful because families really seemed to enjoy participating in the activities together,” said Cochran. “We had little siblings working with older siblings, as well as moms and dads participating. The favorite seemed to be the day they were challenged to make a bubble mixture out of dish soap and water and use kitchen utensils or other gadgets to blow them. They were really creative!”

The goal for an at-home STEAM week was to get students to participate in fun and engaging activities while staying connected to their school community. Other challenges included locating certain shapes while taking a walk outside, building a tower out of materials of their choice and using technology to send a message to a loved one. 

After completing their task for the day, students were encouraged to share pictures with their teacher.​

“Every time we open up an email with a photo or video of a student attached, it helps us stay connected to them," said Cochran. "When we see their smiling faces, hear their voices and see them engaged in learning at home while having fun, it makes us so happy to know that they are doing well."

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