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Congratulations, 2021 ROSE Award Nominees!

The ROSE Award honors the best of Rockwood. This year, more than 250 nominations were submitted with stories highlighting excellence of character, leadership, performance and extraordinary service to Rockwood. Teachers, principals, nurses, secretaries, parent volunteers and community members cover just some of the people who were nominated.​

"I think that the record number of ROSE nominations shows the appreciation for teachers and staff for all of the extra energy and effort during this year of learning during a pandemic," said Molly Rundquist, a ROSE committee chair and school counselor at Selvidge Middle. "In my 33 years of education, I have never seen teachers and staff working so diligently, being incredibly flexible in what they do and how they do it. Even at the very last minute, with sudden changes in plans as the uncertain nature of this situation plays out. This is a year none of us will ever forget." 

The ROSE Selection Committee is now working hard to review each and every one of the nominations. In early March, ROSE committee chairs will set out with balloons and roses to surprise 15 honorees with one of the district's greatest recognitions.

A Unique Nomination

This year, one individual, Robert Jimenez, shared a ROSE Award nomination for every Rockwood teacher. In honor of our hardworking teachers, we would like to share what Mr. Jimenez had to say:

"In light of the current COVID-19 restrictions and how Rockwood has responded to the county health restrictions, I would like to nominate ALL current Rockwood teachers who risked their personal health for the ROSE Award," Jimenez stated in his nomination. "Our teachers rose to the challenge and exceeded my expectations."

He acknolwedged their service to the district. "All the modes of teaching that are currently being employed demonstrate the valuable service Rockwood teachers are doing. The virtual and in-person teachers have done a fantastic job considering that the conditions are unprecedented."

Winners will be honored at a special ceremony and dinner on Sunday, May 2 – along with Cornerstone, Teacher of the Year, Retirees and Service Award honorees. ​

Congratulations to the 2021​ ROSE Nominees!​

Kathie Adams
Patricia Adams
Ryan Alcamo
Dawn Armstrong
Kelly Arnett
Diane Ayres
Julie Backer
Alyssa Badami
Jennifer Balog
Eric Barnhart
Brent Batcheller
Mary Jo Bauer
Lindsey Bayer
Jaime Bayes
Michelle Becker
Thomas Beckmeyer
Thomas Beilmann
Sheryl Black
Tara Black
Kathryn Blum
Catherine Bollinger
Wendy Bopp
Rochelle Bower
Karen Brennan
Renee Brenner
Mike Brown
Sarah Caldwell-Thompson
Brian Carpenter
Tina Carpenter
Jaymie Castens
Molly Clince
Madeline Coffin
Evan Coonrod
Julie Cooper
Jennica Corn
Connie Cozzolino
​​Patricia Cregan
Amy Cuneio
Christine Davis
Kristi Davis
Marie DeProspero
Dr. Kimberly Dickens                    
Adam Dotson
Melissa Feig
Dr. Michelle Fitzsimmons
Kristen Forth

Debbie Fox
Mary Frichtel
Michelle Fuller
Lynnsey Gains
Andrew Gensler
Ralph Gianino
Robin Giden
Dr. Dan Gieseler
Jeanne Gilbert
Lauren Glantz
Ed Gonzalez
Debbie Grimshaw
Erica Hallsten
Glenn Hancock
Dr. Stephen Hankins
Dr. Carmen Harris
Rachel Haywood
Dr. Karen Hedrick
Alyssa Hesser
Carol Hordesky
Megan Hubbard
Karen Huber
Angela Hummel
Melissa Hummert
Colin Hunt
Kelly Hutton
Paul Imgrund
Rose Ingraham
Kim Jennings
Gina Jensen
Marilyn Jones
Sarah Jones
Elizabeth Kealen
Ashley Kidder
Jackie King
Kirsten Kirkpatrick
Shawn Knisley
Jennifer Kovarik
Kimberly Kovash
Molly Kuebler
Tess Larson
Bethany Laskowitz
Megan Limpert
Amanda Lindemann
Kathleen Loesche
Nancy Lucas

Debbie Lucken
Jennifer Mancuso
Lori Mandl
Julie Marchetto
Cynthia Maurath
Cindy McBride
Dr. Emily McCown
Tiffany McDonald
Teresa McFarland
Lacey Mensing
Jessica Messmer
Danielle Momtaz
Loralee Mondl
Colleen Montgomery
Marcy Morris
David Morrison
Gretchen Moser
Gregory Mueller
Jennifer Mueller
Natasha Mullen
Cate Neal
Joan Nelson
Van Nguyen
​Meghan O'Donnell                
Diana Orloski
Lindsay Pardeck
Nick Pate
Christina Patrick
Alice Patton
Brent Pearson
Valerie Peterson
Gayle Piepho
Steve Pinson
Megan Porter
Debbie Powell
Cindy Proffitt
Michael Purcell
Jana Ramsey
Jenifer Randolph 
Brian Reed
Katie Reuss
Donna Roder
Kevin Ronecker
Vicki Ruoff
Daniel Salters
Dr. Katy Schierding

Christine Schlomer
​Kenneth Schlote​
​Michael Seppi
Monica Shelton
Emily Shields
Susan Shroba
Kristin Sibert
Eric Smith
Juli Smith
Shannon Stanze
Kelly Stewart
Nicolette Stilwell
Angie Stimson
Molly Straumann
Kellie Stritzel-Bast
Sarah Studie
Neshona Sundaram
Amy Sutter
Jeff Tamaroff
Maria Tenny
Sara Thomason
Danna Thorne
Brenda Tinsley
Dana Todaro
Andrea Tukin
Jennifer Voigt
Alexandra Voss
Susan Voss
Bonnie Waldrop
​Joshua Walz
Linda Walz
Jenna Wangerin
Suzanne Ward
Stacey Watson
Amy Wehr
Suzanne Whitford
Hannah Wichmann
Reggie Williams
Amanda Wills
Leslie Windler
Angela Winkler
Ariel Wright
Patricia Yoss
Monaka Zangaro
Hannah Zenk
Cheryl Zimmerman​

Photo Gallery of ROSE Nominees

          bethany-laskowitz.jpgcate-neal.jpglindsay-pardeck.jpgcarmen-harris-edited.jpgkathie-adams.jpg                              brian-reed.jpgglenn-hancock.jpgloralee-mondl.JPG Jaime Bayes at BOE.JPG

IMG_2281.jpg Kristen Forth at Admin Annex.jpgJeff Tamaroff - Admin Annex.jpgIMG-1818.jpg 

       IMG-2389.jpgIMG-2384.jpgIMG-2386.jpg tiffany-mcdonald.jpgDeProspero, Marie.jpg                                       Gensler, Andrew.jpgGianino, Ralph.jpg Grimshaw, Debbie.jpg Pearson, Brent.jpgWard, Suzanne.jpg ​                                            Maurath, Cynthia.jpg Kehrs Mill 5.jpg Molly Clince at Westridge Elementary.jpgIMG_5563.jpg Ballwin Elementary.jpg

  IMG-1931.jpg Kimberly Kovash - Ballwin Elementary.jpg IMG-1930.JPG IMG-1932.jpg IMG_0852.jpg IMG_0849.jpg

   Kehrs Mill 4.jpgKehrs Mill 6.jpg Kehrs Mill 3.jpgKehrs Mill.jpg                        Kehrs Mill 2.jpgDanielle Momtaz at Babler Elementary.jpgIMG_0288.jpgIMG_0294.jpgAlyssa Hesser - Geggie.jpg         IMG-1918.JPGIMG-1923.JPGIMG-1921.JPGIMG-1926.JPGFairway 4.jpg         Fairway 1.jpgFairway 2.jpg Fairway 3.jpg                             IMG_0774 (1).jpg IMG_0778.jpg IMG_0782.jpgRockwood South.jpg                    IMG_5969.jpegIMG_5973.jpegIMG_5975.jpeg IMG_5992.jpegIMG_5995.jpegIMG_5997.jpeg Crestview 2-edited.jpgCMS 2.jpgCMS 3.jpgCMS 4-edited.jpgCMS 6-edited.jpgCMS 11 edited.jpgCMS 7-edited.jpgCMS 8-edited.jpg

   ​CMS 9-edited.jpg CMS 10-edited.jpgRVMS 1.jpgRVMS 2.jpgRVMS 4.jpg