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Rockwood School District 2019 Niche Best Schools

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Dr. Miles Goes Around the District in Four Days

Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles poses with students from Kellison Elementary during his four-day Rockwood School District tour.


​Over the first four days of the 2019-2020 school year, Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles traveled the entire 150 square-mile footprint of the Rockwood School District, checking in on all 29 of its elementary, middle and high schools and the Individualized Learning Center (ILC).

From Chesterfield Elementary in the north to Geggie Elementary in the south, from Uthoff Valley Elementary in the east to Rockwood Valley Middle in the west, ​Dr. Miles dove into the district headfirst over the first week of school, meeting the students, parents, teachers and staff that make Rockwood such a special place.​

"As I visited our schools, I was so impressed by the joy exhibited by students and staff; the organization of classrooms; the establishment of high expectations for learning; and the sense of community," Miles said. "The first few days of school have established the foundation for an exceptional school year. I look forward to visiting each of our schools again this fall and staying for a longer period of time."

Follow along below for an interactive journey through Dr. Miles' tour of the 29 schools and the ILC. 

Use your mouse -- or click on the + and - signs on the map -- to zoom in and out. Click on each of the markers to see some of Dr. Miles' pictures from his visit to each school!