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Early Childhood Reopens After COVID-19 Shutdown

Rockwood Early Childhood reopened June 15, using CDC guidelines for health and safety.

​​Rockwood Early Childhood Education opened its doors for the first time since March on June 15. Children returned to a three-day week, and classrooms will follow CDC guidelines for health and safety.

“At this time, students are dropped off by their parents at the front door,” explained Theresa Hancock, preschool facilitator at the Clarkson Valley center​​. “We take their temperature, check for rashes, and their parents fill out a daily accountability form before they are allowed to enter the building.”

Students are encouraged to social distance as much as possible, wear masks when they can, wash their hands frequently and they do not share supplies.

Cleaning is taking place at the Early Childhood centers every day. Furniture has been moved into the hallways to allow for social distancing, everything is sanitized daily, and carpets are being cleaned. 

“This will allow us to better predict what school will look like as far as returning full time in the fall,” said Dave Cobb, executive director of elementary education.

“We have modified most of our games and learning to allow for social distancing,” said Terri Adzick, Early Childhood special education teacher. “Students have their own supplies when playing games and creating crafts.”

“I’m very excited to be back, and so are the kids,” explained Pat Bishop, preschool facilitator at the Clarkson Valley center. “We are so happy to have our kids back in the classroom."

Rockwood expects to announce its plans for the 2020-2021 school year on July 20.