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Eureka High Student Wellness Conference Focuses on Positive Ways to Relieve Stress

High school students line up on a football field and perform yoga.

Eureka High hosted the fourth-annual EHS Student Wellness Conference on Monday, Oct. 21. 

Students had an opportunity to attend two different sessions featuring more than 25 offerings of wellness-related, interactive topics and activities. 

Associate Principal Jennifer Strauser is one of the organizers. 

"Our first wellness conference was in response to our focus on social-emotional learning," said Strauser. "I thought it would be great if we could give students a chance to learn what they can do to relieve stress.  This day highlights wellness; it's not 'anti-'anything.  This is all about promoting wellness, not opposing anything else." 

Activities included cooking, dance, landscaping, exercise, chess, comedy improv, health topics, sports, hiking, knitting, music, art and meditation and mindfulness. 

Rockwood Executive Director Student Services Dr. Terry Harris led students in yoga on the football field. Junior Audrey Cossins participated. 

"It's kind of a chill day," said Cossins. "I've done yoga in the past and really enjoyed it.  I do cheerleading, so this helps with balance." 

Sophomore Adam Carrasquillo can add yoga to the sports he normally participates in, including baseball, football and wrestling. 

"I like it," said Carrasquillo. "It relaxes the muscles.  It's not like you're really competing against anyone. You're just loosening up." 

In the gymnasium, Debbie Devine, owner of Devine Performing Arts, taught students a number from Bettlejuice – the Musical. 

"Of all dance forms, musical theater is one of the most fun ways to not be yourself and get exercise at the same time," said Devine. 

"We hope students learn some healthy ways to relieve stress," said Strauser.  "We're highlighting things other than screens or unhealthy choices like drugs or alcohol.  That's the goal."