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Geggie Adventure Club Opens Time Capsule from 2010

Geggie kindergarteners open a time capsule buried by Adventure Club students in 2010.
​What must life have been like in 2010? Back before iPads, fidget spinners or - gasp - even Fortnite?

Adventure Club students at Geggie Elementary​ got a glimpse back into that prehistoric era on a snowy morning Wednesday, as they dug up a time capsule that previous Geggie Adventure Club students buried in the spring of 2010. Back then, the students created the capsule to celebrate an extension to the elementary school that included a new space for Adventure Club.

They filled a metal container with pictures, notes and a newspaper, which didn't hold up too well in 10 years' worth of soggy, muddy underground conditions.

"Let’s think back to what might have been popular way back in 2010," said Geggie fifth-grader Sofia during a presentation before the unearthing. "Or we can just Google it. Did we have Google back then?”

Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles reads some selections from notes buried by Adventure Club students in 2010.When the big moment arrived, former Geggie Adventure Club facilitator Rita Hafly and current facilitator Mary Pickle dug up the capsule. A pair of Geggie kindergarteners excavated the artifact and brought it to Rockwood Adventure Club Coordinator Leanne Cantu and Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles, who sorted through the contents and read out a few choice notes from the past.

The Geggie Adventure Club has nearly doubled in students from the time the capsule was buried, from 64 in 2010 to more than 120 now.​

"It's neat. They see what children were doing 10 years ago, what toys and things they liked," Cantu said. "They can see what they have in common with kids back then."

This year's Geggie Adventure Club class is planning to plant a time capsule of its own in the earth during Family Night on March 11, not to be disturbed until 2030. 

"What should we put in our time capsule?" Sofia asked the crowd near the end of Wednesday morning's event.

"I don't know," her co-host, Geggie fifth-grader Adam, replied. "Maybe something waterproof."

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Geggie fifth-graders Adam and Sofia serve as hosts of the time capsule unearthing event.The crowd gathers in anticipation at the Geggie Adventure Club time capsule unearthing event.Students look through the contents of the time capsule buried by Geggie Adventure Club students in 2010.