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LaSalle Springs Middle Student Awarded for Her Project to Preserve Environment, Help Wildlife

​​LaSalle Springs Middle seventh-grade student Anna Coppin is riding a wave of success after receiving a Notable Award for a film project that her teacher submitted to a nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage students in ocean conservation issues.

“I was surprised and happy,” she said. “It took at least a week to put it all together.”

Coppin’s project, titled “What You Didn’t Know,”​ was selected from more than 5,300 entries from around the world.

The 12-year-old created the three-minute stop-motion film​ in Allison Seitz’s language arts class last school year meeting the objectives of Bow Seat’s Ocean Awareness competition.

“During social distancing, it’s hard to have a whole lot of people in the same scene and in different places, so I used my dolls to create a stop motion,” Coppin explained. “I was able to film my dolls in different locations around my house and my grandparents’ house.”

During that time, Seitz worked with her students to practice research skills, identify bias in sources, choose an environmental issue they were passionate about and, ultimately, plan and create their projects. For Coppin, it was all about educating audiences on deforestation and waste management.

“Through this project, I was able to learn about environmental issues more in depth and let my creative side out at the same time,” she said. “I have learned things that I might have never learned otherwise: 42 million trees are cut down a day. That truly surprised me.”

“I am super excited for Anna,” Seitz said. “To have that kind of success speaks to her hard work and creativity and her passion for the environment and protecting the animals.”