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Menchella Named Regional Teacher of the Year

Crestview teacher Meghan Menchella was named a Regional Teacher of the Year.
​As a graduate of Rockwood School District, Meghan Menchella benefited from the way her teachers pushed her to achieve.​ As an eighth-grade social studies teacher at Crestview Middle School, she is making a habit of passing that on to her students.

Menchella, Rockwood's 2019-20​20 district Teacher of the Year, was named a Regional Teacher of the Year​ by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). She is one of 10 recipients in the St. Louis region and 34 from across Missouri, all of whom are still eligible for Missouri State Teach​er of the Year​ honors.

"I love this district," Menchella said. "We're always looking for the best for our students and our teachers. We keep pushing for more."

Menchella said she has wanted to be a teacher for as long as she can remember, even to the point of making tests for her childhood friends when they would play school. She started her career as a student teacher at Crestview and is entering her fifth year with the school.

"Meghan is a phenomenal educator who consistently looks to find new ways to engage her students through meaningful history-based experiences both inside and outside of her classroom," said Jordan McGaughey, Rockwood K-12 social studies coordinator, who was a Regional Teacher of the Year in 2016. "Just as importantly, Meghan goes above and beyond to develop meaningful relationships with her students that last beyond the time that they leave her classroom. Meghan has an incredibly bright future ahead of her as an educator, and I am so happy that she is one of our social studies teachers."

DESE began the Regional Teacher of the Year program in 2016 as a way to celebrate outstanding teachers from all over the state. Menchella and the other nine St. Louis-area teachers will be honored at a reception July 22. Missouri State Teacher of the Year will be named in August.​

"It's been an overwhelming time," Menchella said. "So much of this has been a group effort, and I'm seeing a little more of what I'm capable of and, as a school, what we're capable of together. I'm very grateful and very humbled."