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Nominate a Rockwood Support Staff Member with a Cornerstone Award

Beginning Nov. 13, ​parents, teachers, ​staff and community members have the opportunity to nominate ​​a hardworking ​support staff member with a Cornerstone Award. The Cornerstone Awards program recognizes Rockwood support staff members who demonstrate outstanding service and commitment to the district, and they are presented to six individuals each year.

Staff members in the following employee groups and departments are eligible to receive the Cornerstone Award: Adventure Club; Child Nutrition Services; classroom assistants; Communications; Community Education; custodians; Facilities and Maintenance; Finance; Human Resources; nurses; Parents as Teachers; parking lot attendants; Partners in Education; secretaries; social workers; Special School District; Technology; and Transportation.

These employees represent a vital part of our district, and Rockwood wants them to know how much their contributions mean to everyone. This year's Selection Committee is chaired by Devon Cobbs, secretary at Facilities Services; Jenny Friedmann, secretary at Eureka High; and Brian Reed, coordinator of STEM and Digital Learning K-12.

IMG-8456.jpg"I think that nominating someone for the Cornerstone Award is an extraordinary tip of the hat to the support staff who are the heart and souls of our buildings," Reed said. "It is easy to get caught up in the everyday pace of the workday, and sometimes we do not always take the time to acknowledge our colleagues. Taking the explicit time to nominate someone for this prestigious award not only highlights the greatness of the support staff member who is being nominated but also the exemplary character of the nominator."​​

Friedmann said the district has done a fabulous job of thinking of creative ways to continue traditions like the Cornerstone Awards during these unprecedented times. 

"I am excited to be a part of this committee, and I look forward to celebrating our amazing Rockwood support staff members!" she shared.

Cobbs ​agrees. "I'm looking forward to reading all the outstanding nominations of our deserving employees who go above and beyond," she said.

Nominations for the 2021 Cor​nerstone Awards will be accepted through Monday, Nov. 30. Read the eligibility guidelines and a list of all past recipients​ dating back to 1992. Submit your nomination​.

Questions? Contact Rockwood Communications at (636) 733-1149. Thank you for your interest in the Cornerstone Awards program!