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Ridge Meadows' Students Think of Others on Thursdays

Ridge Meadows Think of Others Thursdays

​Students at Ridge Meadows​ Elementary are learning to think of others this March. Every week, Ridge Meadows hosts “Think of Others Thursdays” when students are encouraged to consider ways to help children struggling with cancer. ​

​“We always participate in ‘Hats on Day,’ which supports Friends of Kids with Cancer,” said Principal Dr. Amy Digman, “but this year we have a special cause as our former student, Ben Hughes, is running for Student of the Year of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.” 

Hughes was diagnosed with T-Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia while in kindergarten at Ridge Meadows Elementary and was considered cured in June 2017. He is hoping to find a cure and better treatments. Hughes, now a sophomore at Marquette High School, excels in school and enjoys lacrosse. 

Each Thursday in March, students aim to help Hughes reach his goal by participating in Hats On Day, in which students donate a dollar to wear a hat to school, Love and Luck Day in which students purchase a heart to honor someone fighting cancer, and Share a Smile Day in which students may purchase a smiley-face key chain.

“While we are celebrating on Thursdays, I see kids getting the message and carrying that out to their day-to-day lives,” said Digman. “Just this week, we had students bring in $55 from a lemonade stand they ran over the weekend.”

Every dollar counts in the race to find a cure, as Digman has personally been touched by this disease.

“This year has really hit home for us as we recently learned that our daughter has leukemia.” said Digman. “The moment the Hughes family found out, they reached out and have been an amazing support and resource for us as a family.”

Hughes’ campaign runs for seven weeks and ends April 3. Proceeds raised by Ridge Meadows ​will go to his campaign. To learn more, you can watch Hughes’ video​ and how he is hoping to raise $50,000 with his campaign.
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