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Ridge Meadows Teachers Bring Learning to Life during “Rock Your School” Event

​Teachers at Ridge Meadows Elementary created an outside-the-box educational experience to engage their students and bring learning to life in their classrooms Sept. 17.

The effort is part of "Rock Your School," a national "Get Your Teach On" movement with a goal of allowing participants to try something new in their curriculum.

"In my classroom, students are working on math," said second-grade teacher Meghan Hayes. "They're reviewing math problems that they've learned so far with different glow game activities. It's keeping them engaged and tying everything with Rockwood curriculum."

In Lauren Fish's fourth-grade classroom, students sported medical scrubs while dissecting their reading. They completed patient write-up activities and incident reports on clipboards.

"One of the biggest things we do is reading," said Fish. "Fourth-grade teacher Kaitlyn Reitz and I thought this would give us an idea to see where the kids are currently. It exposes them to text structures, context clues, main ideas and things they already have a foundation with from previous grades in a fun way."

Grade-level teachers worked together to brainstorm theme ideas to gear up for the event.

"In second grade, we set up our classrooms in VIP style," said Hayes. "Kids received a pretend concert ticket when they arrived to school."

Principal Dr. Amy Digman witnessed the activities firsthand.

"It's all about challenging teachers to do something out of the box," said Digman. "It could be one activity. It could be all day. It's a day of fun learning." 

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