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Rockwood's Five-Year Strategic Plan Receives Board Approval

A female high school student poses for a photo while wearing a graduation cap and gown.

Last fall, Rockwood invited our school community to join us on a journey to set the future direction of our schools. After months of engaging our students, families, staff and community in this inclusive process, the Way Forward steering committee received School Board approval on the district’s five-year strategic plan.

According to Dr. Lisa Counts, assistant superintendent supervision of schools, the Way Forward represents our commitment to every child, every family and every employee of the Rockwood School District.​ “We live in an ever-changing world,” shares Dr. Counts. “It requires higher-level thinking, creativity, content mastery and innovation. Our schools need to prepare our students to love life and find success – now and in the future.”

The goal areas for The Way Forward were developed from feedback gathered through these engagement opportunities. The SUCCESS Goal areas are:

  • Student Academic Learning

  • Universal Equity, Opportunity, Access

  • Character and Well-Being

  • Community Networks

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Staff, Teachers and Learners

  • Strong Leadership

Along with defining goal areas, the Way Forward also defined our Rockwood Profile of a Learner. It’s a community-wide vision statement describing what our students should experience throughout their Rockwood education.

At the core of The Way Forward is the fundamental belief that we are all unique and gifted with a wide variety of skills, interests and talents. We learn in different ways and need support and opportunities to grow, learn and reach our highest potential. It is the responsibility of every member of the Rockwood family to ensure our Rockwood Core Values are reflected in our schools.

“We must work together with intention, and deeply embed these values in our actions, deeds, decisions, priorities, conversations and celebrations – from the boardroom to the classroom, office, cafeteria, school bus, playing fields and hallways throughout the Rockwood School District,” noted Dr. Counts.

Included in The Way Forward is an implementation plan that measures our progress. This includes multiple measures of evidence and growth, along with a reporting and monitoring feature for each goal area to ensure accountability for action plans. ​

According to Dr. Counts, the plan is a roadmap for the future. “We are thankful that we live in a community that values high-quality education and sets it as a priority for our children,” noted Dr. Counts. “We are grateful for the contributions of the Rockwood school community as we make our way forward on behalf of our Rockwood students.”