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Rockwood 2019-2020 District Teacher of the Year Announced

​At this year's ROSE Award Ceremony, Rockwood announced that Ms. Meghan Menchella has been selected as the Rockwood District-Level Teacher of the Year!

Ms. Menchella started her career in Rockwood in 2015 as a social studies and history teacher at Crestview Middle School. She is a graduate of the Rockwood School District, earned her bachelor's degree from Lindenwood University, and her master's degree is from Southwest Baptist University.

Ms. Menchella says that each year, her school challenges teachers to create their mission statement and hang it up in a visible spot for students to see. "I truly believe in mine and try to live it every single day," she says.

"I ​would like to be a positive light in the lives of others, and promote a world of empathy and positivity."

She wants her students to see that she genuinely loves being with them. "I strongly believe that each student deserves an educator who is passionate about the students and their content, and will cheer for their success along the way."

At the ROSE Awards, May 5, Rockwood Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost teamed-up with our grade-level teachers of the year to provide a special message for Rockwood educators.​​

The announcement coincides with National Teacher Appreciation Week! Rockwood celebrates the week from May 6-10.

Rockwood is supporting the National Education Association in asking the public to take to social media with the hashtag #ThankaTeacher to recognize the excellent educators in your life.​​