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Rockwood Implements Encryption Tool for Distributing Sensitive Data

​Data privacy remains a top priority in Rockwood. 

Rockwood administrators have implemented an encryption tool which will allow us to send sensitive data to non-staff recipients such as parents and guardians of our students.  This includes personally identifiable FERPA and/or HIPPA information sent to recipients outside the domain.  The encryption tool scans outbound messages for FERPA and/or HIPPA content such as transcripts, report cards or health information. 

What does this mean for staff members? 

If you send messages that contain certain information such as student ID, MOSIS ID, immunization records, transcripts, report cards, etc., the message will be automatically encrypted. 

What does this mean for recipients? 

The recipient will receive a notification of an encrypted message and will be prompted to take action to access it.  The first time they receive an encrypted message, they will need to create a password to access it.  Future emails will be opened using that same password. 

Where can I find directions for my recipient? 

Directions are available here