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Rockwood Community and Staff Members Gather for District Safety Update

​​Nearly 60 Rockwood staff and community members turned out for a district community safety update held in the Individualized Learning Center gymnasium Nov. 6.

“The primary purpose of our meeting was to outline the 4E option-based training our students are learning and what changes we are making to our intruder alert system,” said Rockwood Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles.

Eureka Police Chief Mike Wiegand joined Dr. Miles and Executive Director Student Services Dr. Terry Harris in the presentation. A Tier One Tactical trainer was on hand, as well, to demonstrate for parents what their children are learning in 4E option-based training.

Jeff Reiter is a Rockwood parent with two children in the district.

“I wanted to hear firsthand from the district as well as the trainers the perspective they’re trying to bring to the kids and staff at schools – to get them actively engaged in case there is an incident,” said Reiter. “Constant education and preparedness are probably the most important things that our kids and staff can be aware of.”

Nancy Riordan has children at Babler Elementary and Rockwood Valley Middle.

“I’m extremely happy to see the district preparing for the safety of our students,” said Riordan. “It’s good to hear from all the partnerships that are working together – the police, fire department, the trainers, staff and students.”

Harris said the safety and responsibility of the students in Rockwood School District rests with all Rockwood staff members. 

“If you see something, say something,” he said. “I think it’s important to let our community know that we have safety plans in place. It’s vital to share these plans as well as to express our need for continued support to make sure that all students are safe.”

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