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Rockwood Drug-Free Coalition Announces Winners of Student PSA and Poster Contest

​​​This year's winning submissions in the RDFC student-made PSA and poster contest.
​​​​​This year's winning submissions in the Rockwood Drug-Free Coalition (RDFC) student-made public service announcement (PSA) and poster contest exhibit the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

The purpose of the annual contest is to engage Rockwood students in peer-to-peer and youth-to-adult prevention messaging to raise community awareness on dangers associated with substance abuse.

"It's great to have students creating drug-free messaging because it develops the critical thinking skills that will help them resist alcohol and other drugs," said RDFC Coordinator Lili Schliesser. "They are good at crafting messages that can impact their peers."

Eureka High​ senior Alexis Darnell won first place in the high school poster category.Eureka High​ senior Alexis Darnell won first place in the high school poster category. Seniors Owen R. and Abigail Mydlo, both of Eureka High, placed second and third.

Darnell's poster centered on the dangers of alcohol addiction.

"My inspiration for my poster started with something dark and mysterious because the reality of alcoholism is dark, so I wanted to portray that in my design," Darnell said. "My first idea was the blood moon, then the thought of connecting it to red wine helped me keep the theme and color similar. I was proud of how my poster turned out, and winning was the highlight of my day."​

elvidge Middle​ sixth-grader Jessica Knittel won the middle school poster contest.Eighth-grader Aly P. won the PSA contest with a video called "The Drug Lair," and Selvidge Middle​ sixth-grader Jessica Knittel won the middle school poster contest. Sixth-grader Daniel Shapovalov and seventh-grader Tanushree Gandi, both of Selvidge, placed second and third.

"I got the idea from the regular 'no smoking' signs but decided to expand on it," Knittel said. "I also wanted to include things that you wouldn't really think about when you hear 'drugs.'"

Aly made use of Legos and stop-motion animation in her video PSA.

"I hoped it would grab people’s attention," she said. "I thought that it would be challenging to do the drug side effects with Lego minifigs. I researched the drugs' side effects to make sure all of my information was correct.”

The winners were selected by the RDFC executive board. Winning posters will be printed for use in the schools.