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Rockwood Early Childhood Welcomes Brand New Students!

Rockwood first-time kindergarten students and their families attended a special introductory event at Clarkson Valley Early Childhood, June 10, to help prepare them for their first day of school.

Cindy Lewis is a Rockwood Screening Supervisor.

"After students went through developmental kindergarten screening, their families received an invitation to come for this fun transitional event for extended learning during summer," said Lewis.

Event stations included STEM, literacy and social-emotional activities. Guests included staff members from Rockwood Center for Creative Learning (CCL) and the EyeSeeMe African American Bookstore. Plus, every child went home with two books, sight words, math path games and seeds to plant for extended learning opportunities.

"The goal is to have fun," said Lewis. "Secondly, we hope to develop home-school relationships and introduce activities for extended learning."

Students were offered an opportunity to tour a school bus or taxi cab, modes of transportation they may use to get to school.

"It's a great way for us to make connections with students' families and for them to learn about some of the things we do," said Rockwood Coordinator Education Equity and Diversity Brittany Hogan.

Hogan said organizers also gave kids some take-home activities to work on, over the summer.

"You don't use your brain in the summer in the same way as you do during the school year," said Hogan, "and there are ways for us to help combat that summer learning loss."

"I am very glad to be here today with my daughter, Loveness," said Elias Muhama, a Rockwood parent. "She is very happy to be starting out in kindergarten."‚Äč