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Rockwood Has ONE Snow Day to Spare!

This image shows a snow-covered tree in a meadow next to a snow man wearing a black hat and a scarf.

​How many inclement weather, or "snow" days does Rockwood have left on the calendar before we need to start making up days? 

Missouri law requires school districts to count hours in school instead of days. As of Jan. 29, Rockwood has missed the equivalent of five school days due to inclement weather this school year. 

The 2019-2020 Rockwood School Board-approved calendar​ allows six snow days before we start making up days.  That means we have one more snow day available before we start making up days. 

Rockwood Assistant Superintendent Human Resources Dr. Katie Reboulet said, "We're choosing this, as a district, because we believe in our teachers' instructional time." 

With the cancellation of the seventh day of school, Rockwood would start adding days to the calendar, which currently lists May 21 as the last day of school for students. (For seniors, that day is May 15.) ​