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Rockwood Offering Signing Bonus to Attract New, Experienced School Bus Drivers

​Rockwood School District is offering a $1,000 sign-on bonus to attract new, road-ready school bus drivers who already have experience. 

"This is designed to minimize the effects of the nationwide school bus driver shortage on Rockwood," said Rockwood Chief Financial Officer Paul Northington. "We're trying to do whatever we can to bring drivers into the school district." 

The $1,000 sign-on bonus will be paid in two equal increments of $500 after 60 and 120 calendar days of employment. 

"For us, the benefit of finding someone who already has their Class A or Class B driver's license is that it decreases the level of training necessary," said Northington.  "It costs up to $2,700 to train a new person with no experience.  For someone who is road-ready, that cost is less than $1,000.  So for taxpayers, it's a good business decision to pay a bonus like this to get experienced drivers." 

Rockwood Transportation Director Mike Heyman said district school bus drivers are paid based on experience.  A brand new driver starts out at $16.61/hour, and top of scale with five years of experience is $25.39/hour. 

"We hope to secure experienced drivers and train them in the Rockwood way," said Heyman. 

Rockwood already has a $500 school bus driver referral bonus program in place for employees.  That amount will be paid to any district employee who refers a person who is ultimately hired as a district school bus driver, with or without experience. 

Learn more about how to apply. ​