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Rockwood Representatives, First Responders Convene to Discuss Safety Procedures at Crisis Planning Workshop

Rockwood officials meet with area first responders at the annual Crisis Planning Workshop on Thursday.


More than 100 Rockwood School District administrators, parents and school resource officers and representatives from local police and fire departments met for the district's annual Crisis Planning Workshop at the Administrative Annex in Eureka on Thursday.

It was a chance for Rockwood representatives and area first responders to convene and discuss safety procedures and protocols, part of a continuous effort to ensure the safety of the district's students and staff.

"I want to extend my thanks to each of you for your partnership in our endeavor to keep our students and staff safe each and every day," Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles said. "It is my hope that each of us takes away several lessons. This world in which we live is evolving rapidly, and it is our responsibility to evolve as well. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we will take the lessons learned from these conversations as we continue to improve processes and practices to keep our students and staff safe."

Miles opened the session before handing off to Executive Director Student Services Dr. Terry Harris, who updated those in attendance on the steps the district has been taking to increase security in schools while also maintaining a comfortable learning environment.

"The responsibility of keeping our kids safe is not solely on one person. It's the responsibility of all of us," Harris said. "What are the next steps we need to take to ensure our students are safe? What is the way forward in school safety? We need to have a robust conversation from different perspectives to make sure we're doing everything right."

Rockwood officials meet with area first responders at the annual Crisis Planning Workshop on Thursday. The attendees split into 10 groups to discuss three potential crisis scenarios and responses to each of them.

"It’s really good for us all to work together. I’m proud of what happens with police and fire because we interact very well," Eureka Police Chief Mike Wiegand said. "It’s a great opportunity for us all to talk and rethink things: what we’ve done well and what we haven’t done well and share this with all of us so we can hash it out for the next time."

"It’s very important to be on board with the school district and know what’s happening inside the schools, what they’re expecting from us and what we’re going to expect from them," added Capt. Jim Mundel of the St. Louis County Police, Wildwood precinct. "A lot of good points were brought up here that we don’t think about. We focus on the event that's happening and deal with it. The things that happen after are very complex, too.”