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Rockwood School Bus Drivers Visit Students along Their Routes One More Time this School Year

Two students pose for a picture next to a school bus, along with the driver who is in the driver's seat.

The wheels on Rockwood school buses went round and round one more time this school year on May 20. 

The buses that serve Rockwood elementary schools ran their routes once again so bus drivers, students and their parents could see each other. Transportation officials notified district parents in advance. In many cases, parents lined up in their driveways with their children, waiting for the school bus. 

Julie McGuire is a Rockwood parent who lives in the neighborhood across Clarkson Rd. from Marquette High.  Her three children – Sydney, A.J. and Abby – attend Kehrs Mill Elementary. 

"We have a great school bus driver," said McGuire.  "He's always keeping an eye out for kids, watching traffic and reporting anything suspicious." 

Rockwood Transportation Director Mike Heyman said, "We've heard from so many school bus drivers and from parents and their children. They all want to see each other once again, so we made that possible." 

McGuire said it's about more than safety. 

"Our bus driver knows all about my children's hobbies," she said. "He's constantly giving them fist-bumps and high-fives when they get off the bus.  They love him. We all love him. We're glad we had a chance to give him a card and a token of our appreciation.  We wish him a good summer!" 

"For many of our students, our bus drivers are the first and last Rockwood staff member they see each day," said Rockwood Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles. "These meaningful relationships matter to our students, parents, and bus drivers. They maintain connections with our students and their families, and we'd like to foster those connections."