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Rockwood Storing Up COVID-19 Sanitization and Protection Equipment

light blue protective fask mask with ear loops

​Rockwood School District administrators have ordered and receive on a regular basis equipment to be used for sanitization and protection against COVID-19 after the new school year begins Aug. 24. 

The items include: 

  • more than 74,000 disposable masks
  • 8,500 cloth masks, which will allow for each staff member to receive one reusable mask
  • 600 KN95 masks 

"The KN95 masks will be utilized by nurses and custodial staff who have either had direct contact with or cleaned up after a student with COVID-19 symptoms," said Rockwood Coordinator of Purchasing Brenda Kirchhoefer.  "This should be an adequate supply to start the school year." 

The inventory also includes 4,500 child-size masks with another 4,500 on order. It also includes 3,000 one-gallon containers of hand sanitizer, regular and citrus-scented. 

"Additionally, 1,350 sixteen-ounce bottles of a lower-alcohol-content sanitizer have been received and are being stored in the warehouse," said Kirchhoefer. 

Rockwood's COVID-19 supplies include 2,040 containers of disinfecting wipes on order and scheduled for delivery by Aug. 30, along with 7,600 canisters that have been ordered and are expected to arrive in early September. 

"This is the kind of planning necessary to operate in these conditions," said Rockwood Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles. "Rockwood staff and administrators are anticipating students' needs well before school begins." 

Kirchhoefer said, "Until the items arrive, an alternative plan has been put into place to have disinfectant cleaner and paper towels available in each area for staff to wipe surfaces as needed." 

Thirty-six containers of hydrogen peroxide disinfectant are on order with an expected shipping date of July 30. An additional order of 72 containers has been placed from another vendor as backup. 

When it comes to infrared thermometers, Rockwood has ordered and received 100. 

Rockwood received 1,000 boxes of disposable gloves and distributed them to schools the second week of July. 

"That will adequately supply each of our buildings," said Kirchhoefer. 

One-thousand boxes of disposable gloves have been received and were distributed to Rockwood schools the second week of July. 

"Each classroom will need a box for use when cleaning,"' said Kirchhoefer. 

Another 1,000 boxes of disposable gloves are in the warehouse, and 3,000 more will be ordered in mid-July. 

Rockwood has also received 200 face shields and ordered 5,000 gowns. The gowns are expected to be delivered around Aug. 7. 

As with the KN95 masks, Kirchhoefer said the face shields and gowns will be utilized by staff members dealing with students who have exhibited COVID-19 symptoms. 

To store liquid disinfectant cleaner in classrooms and common areas, 3,400 spray bottles have been ordered and are expected to be delivered by Aug. 15. ​