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Rockwood Students: Come Explore with Us Through Summer Academy!

​​​​​​This summer, Rockwood School District is offering an innovative new learning experience that will encourage our students to draw inspiration from their communities.

The Summer Academy Explore session runs from July 12 through Aug. 6 and is open to ​Rockwood students entering kindergarten through 10th grade. All of the content will feature project-based learning and, while each grade level has a different focus, all of our students will be aspiring toward the same goal.

"Our focus for this enrichment program is to let students explore aspects of the community around them through project-based learning," said Dr. Shelley Willott, Rockwood’s assistant superintendent for learning and support services. "​We are providing an opportunity to apply key skills that students learned this year but will also help th​em prepare for the upcoming school year in a fun, interactive way. This format and project-based approach will spark conversations and experiences for families and friends to share."

Students will learn through a mix of live virtual instruction and prerecorded lessons on Canvas and Zoom, engaging with course content designed and developed by Rockwood teachers, instructional coaches and curriculum experts.

The Explore theme provides a connective thread for the entire program, with such grade-level emphases as:

Exploring Kindergarten: Preparing incoming kindergarteners for their first days in Rockwood elementary schools.
​Exploring Food Trucks (grades 1-2): Students researching the food production cycle and designing their own food trucks.
Exploring Parks (grades 3-5): Students researching and designing amusement, nature, sports or animal parks.
Exploring Inventions (grade 6): Students learning about the inventions that came from St. Louis (in partnership with the Missouri History Museum).
Exploring Innovations (grade 7): Students learning about innovations that came from St. Louis (in partnership with the Cortex Innovation Community)​.​
Exploring Solutions (grade 8): Students designing and developing solutions for challenges in St. Louis.
Exploring the Future (grades 9-10): Students learning about future educational and career opportunities in St. Louis.

​​"Highlighting what St. Louis has to offer is a great way to frame the learning," said Brian Reed, Rockwood’s Coordinator of STEM and Digital Learning. "Having the student explore what is closer to home fosters more meaningful, relevant learning, and it may also shine a light on other opportunities that students may not yet have considered. The courses will provide organic collaboration and interactivity, while connecting students with experts in the field that is related to the theme of the course. We are designing these courses to be adaptable and flexible with the students' schedules, allow time for the students to learn from each other and reflect on their own learning, and maximize teacher guidance and feedback."

Enrollment for the K-8 online enrichment Explore session courses begins T​hursday, April 15, and runs through Sunday, April 25. Continue to check the Rockwood website and the Sum​mer Academy page for more information in the coming weeks.​​​​