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Rockwood Students Craft Bases for Annual Scarecrow Festival in Eureka

​​​​It's been a long-standing tradition held by the citizens of Eureka. Every October, community members design and display their handmade scarecrows around town.

This year, a group of Geometry in Construction students at Rockwood's Individualized Learning Center are partnering with the Eureka Chamber of Commerce to lend a hand in the annual Eureka Scarecrow Festival.

"This is the first time we are constructing scarecrow bases for the annual Scarecrow Festival," said teacher Thomas Beckmeyer. "I thought this would be a great opportunity for our kids to give back to the community. It's a fun project and a cool way for our kids to be involved."

During the first week of school, students studied units of measurement, as well as conversion charts.

"Once they felt comfortable, we incorporated the measuring aspect," said Beckmeyer.

Students have been utilizing the hammer, chop saw, circular saw and drills to cut and modify plywood, two-by-sixes and two-by-fours.

"We've made about 15," said student Joey Belcher. "I'm learning to apply everything directly to what we're doing in the woodshop. I've also become better at working with other people on projects."

Belcher added, "It will be cool to see the town of Eureka use something I helped build. I will definitely be pointing them out to my family and friends."

"It's a good way to teach the kids the basic tools, and this gives them confidence and hands-on experience," said Beckmeyer.

The bases will be taken to Eureka City Hall in the coming weeks.​

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