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Rockwood Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles Cautions Students, Parents about Social Media Postings

Letter from Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles: 

I want to discuss with you a very serious issue we are experiencing in the school district. Parents, I want to ask for your help. 

Many school districts, including Rockwood, have experienced social media threats posted by students that result in fear, uncertainty and possible student discipline and/or criminal charges. 

First of all, I want you to know we will always take these matters very seriously.  Often, social media threats involve hours of work by administrators tracking down their source. They also involve hours of work by our local law enforcement, because we will absolutely report social media threats to police. 

We have no choice.  If it's a threat, it becomes a law enforcement matter. 

Students often say, "Hey, I was kidding. It was a joke." 

This matter is not a joke. We take all social media postings about our schools, our students or our staff members very seriously. 

Often, as a result, students who make these postings face some very serious consequences that could result in school discipline and even criminal charges. 

So parents, I am asking you to spend some time with your children and discuss this matter.  Make sure they understand the consequences of such social media postings. 

Please remind your children that administrators have no choice but to report these matters to police. It's a matter of safety for our entire community. 

Obviously, we want to avoid that and the time that administrators and police spend investigating and tracking down these matters.  We want to focus our time upon shaping and educating young people here in Rockwood School District. 

Parents, thank you for your attention.  Our number one priority is our children's safety.  We appreciate you discussing this very important topic with your children.