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Rockwood Takes Part in Eureka Scarecrow Festivities

Eureka Early Childhood Center staffers and students smile with their scarecrow, Superstar, in front of the school.


First came the frame made of chicken wire. Then a bunch of newspaper to fill out the body. Then, coats of yellow spray paint, some more precision painting on the face, a sewn cape and, to cap it all off, some nifty blue cloth shoes.

By Monday night, "Superstar" was ready for his first public appearance. The Eureka Early Childhood Center's​ entry into the annual Eureka Scarecrow Festival stands just to the left of the main entrance, welcoming all who come to learn or visit.​ Staffers Lisa Feeney and Laura Krueger designed and brought the school's mascot to life in time for their students ​to wave hello to Superstar on their way in Tuesday morning.​

All of the Rockwood School District-affiliated facilities in Eureka -- Blevins, Eureka​ and Geggie elementaries, the Early Childhood Center, Eureka High​, the Individualized Learning Center​ and the Administrative Center and Administrative Annex -- have gotten in on the fun this year, constructing their own versions of scarecrows to take part in a cherished annual tradition in the city.

The Eureka Scarecrow Festival​ runs for the entire month of October.

The Blevins Elementary scarecrow waves at visitors to the school.The Administrative Center snowman scarecrow proclaims the central office's status as "Snow Day Central."A hockey-themed Eureka High scarecrow greets motorists that travel down Highway 109.