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Rockwood Task Force: 2021-2022 Holds First Meeting to Develop Plan for Next School Year

The Rockwood Task Force: 2021-2022 met for the first time virtually on Feb. 10 to begin planning for next school year.
​The Rockwood Task Force: 2021-2022 met for the first time virtually on Feb. 10 to outline the process that will be followed to develop a plan for the next school year. Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles formed the Rockwood Task Force to ensure we are providing each Rockwood student a quality education that aligns with the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our school community, as well as the district’s mission, vision, and values in light of the global pandemic. Assistant Superintendent for Supervision of Schools Dr. Lisa Counts led the discussion and shared this presentation with task force members, which include Rockwood administrators, teachers, parents and students.

The task force discussed the goals of the subcommittees that are aligned to what is best for students, what learning models we can sustain as we move into the new school year, what the district can afford and how we can maintain a safe learning and working environment for students and staff.

Dr. Shelley Willott, assistant superintendent of learning and support services, shared that work has already begun to provide for separate online and in-person learning models in the next school year to ensure the best possible opportunities for every student. Dr. Willott shared that at the high school level, counselors are meeting individually with students about what courses will be available online and whether they are interested in taking any online courses. Having those numbers as soon as possible means administrators can plan appropriately for the new year. 

“We don’t know whether we’ll completely be able to keep everything virtual and in-person separate, but that is our focus and our goal, and we are hoping that we can get to that point for next school year,” Dr. Willott said.

Dr. Terry Harris, executive director of student services, shared how critical it is that the task force also focuses on the social and emotional needs of all students to ensure every student is in a place where they can learn.  

The task force will meet virtually through May to develop a plan for the 2021-2022 school year, and updates will be provided following each meeting. Students, parents, teachers and staff will have an opportunity to weigh in on the process as well. For updates, visit the District Committees page on the Rockwood website.