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Rockwood Tracks, Fields Closed to Help Mitigate Covid-19 Coronavirus

A sign posted on a fence around an athletic field reads 'Stadium Field-Track Closed Do Not Enter'

Rockwood School District officials have temporarily closed outdoor athletic facilities, such as football fields and tracks, in an effort to combat COVID-19 coronavirus. 

"We will continue to monitor our schools' fields and tracks," said Rockwood Facilities Director Chris Freund.  "We realize our facilities are attractive to people who want to go outside.  That's allowed in St. Louis County's stay-at-home order, but it's a problem if we get more than 10 people, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines." 

Rockwood Chief Financial Officer Paul Northington said administrators are limiting access to the fields and tracks out of concern for public safety. 

"We need to practice social distancing and abide by the guidelines set forth by St. Louis County Department of Public Health officials," said Northington. 

Signs on those facilities have been posted stating they are closed until further notice. 

"We need to observe our surroundings," said Northington.  "Athletic fields are no different just because they are outdoors.  We still need to make sure we practice social distancing and limit close contact.  Rockwood will adhere to those guidelines." 

​Freund added, "We have asked our school resource officers to come through and do periodic checks in an effort to keep people off of our property during this vulnerable time."