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School Communities Get Active on Walk and Bike to School Day

Green Pines Eleementary students and parents smile as they celebrate Walk and Bike to School Day.


Schools around Rockwood School District welcomed hundreds of biking and walking students on Missouri Walk and Bike to School Day on Wednesday, Oct. 2. Many students also turned out on scooters, and some were accompanied by canine companions.

"We are a neighborhood school, and our community takes pride in its ability to participate in this event," Green Pines Elementary​ Assistant Principal Angie Schott said. "There are always a lot of smiles, and the kids get a kick out of it. I did not see any pogo stickers this year, but we've had them in the past."

Families went all in at Fairway Elementary, and Principal Dr. Lorinda Krey was out in the neighborhood greeting everyone as they walked or biked to school.

"I walked, but I kind of ran," said Sara, a first-grader. "I loved it."

Fairway Elementary PE teachers led a bike train of more than 75 students on Walk and Bike to School Day.Fairway's physical education teachers, Jeff Powell and Camilo Gonzalez, lead a bike train to school each year on this day. It's a unique way to promote biking that's been incorporated at Fairway since 2005, and 75 bike riders participated this year.

"We can teach the kids a safe and fun way to get to school," Powell said. "You get to see kids outside smiling and doing things they don't get to do on a regular basis. We get lots of parents out, too, who join in and help keep the kids safe. Then, we start to see more kids ride their bikes to school on a regular basis because they realize it works."

At Kellison Elementary​, the bus riders, car riders and Adve​nture Club students got the chance to participate in the event.

In addition to greeting the students as they entered school, Krey and Schott both met the Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation (VICC) students whose buses dropped them off about a quarter-mile from the school and walked the rest of the way with them.

"It's a lot of fun," Schott said. "I tell all of our staff who has a role greeting kids that they have the ability to start the kids' day on the right foot from that point forward."​​

Green Pines Elementary students smile on Walk and Bike to School Day.Kellison Elementary students and parents stream toward the school on Walk and Bike to School Day.Fairway Elementary Principal Dr. Lorinda Krey smiles with two students on Walk and Bike to School Day.