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Stanton Students Participate in American Flag Retirement Ceremony

Stanton Elementary students took part in an American flag retirement ceremony on the evening of Nov. 20. 

The Stanton students make up most of the membership of a local den of Cub Scouts Pack 778.  Den leader and Stanton parent Courtney Roberts organized the event.  The American flag flying outside the school had become weathered, faded and torn. 

"I reached out to Principal Dr. Christy Starnes to see if we could do this," said Roberts.  "We recited the Pledge of Allegiance, lowered the flag and folded it like you would at a proper military burial.  Next I will present the flag to the American Legion Hall in Fenton, and they will burn it according to protocol.  I hope the boys come to understand what the flag stands for.  It's a big deal." 

Roberts said the flag had served its timely duty. 

"Then we raised the new flag in honor of the service the police, fire and military members provide for our community.  It's a great honor for our scouts to be participating," Roberts said. 

Starnes attended the ceremony. 

"Mr. Roberts approached me with the idea and, of course, I said yes," she said.  "It's a leadership opportunity for our students to serve our country and do something for a good cause." ‚Äč