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Students Mix with Businesspeople at ILC Career Fair

A female high school student discusses a camera with a photographer on the other side of the table.

​​Rockwood high school students at Individualized Learning Center (ILC) talked to business people about different ways to make a living at a career fair Jan. 24. 

The annual event is sponsored by Rockwood PIE (Partners in Education).  Twelve professionals volunteered their time and experience. 

"It's an opportunity for our students to get access to professionals in the community," said Mallory Sample, ILC social worker.  "We hope they learn what they might be interested in and what it will take to get there." 

Each student attended three different sessions for 15 minutes each.  Job titles represented included photographer, health care, auto mechanic, fire and rescue, military and business management. 

"Students have a list of questions we agreed upon earlier and they're encouraged to ask questions as they come up," said Sample. 

"I learned a lot about what you gain from working and what is the hardest part," said ILC student Ashtyn Kauffman.  "I learned a lot about photography and EMT/firefighting. With EMTs, firefighting is only ten percent of their job. The rest is helping people with their health." 

"I'm not far off from where these kids are," said Jeff Fitter, owners of Super Smokers BBQ, which students pass on their way to ILC.  "But I dropped out of high school and learned the ropes the hard way.  I hope my passion about what I do and the food I cook rubs off on them." 

"I learned a lot about business management and sales," said ILC student Lukas Dunham.  "I don't know which one I like more because I'm into both." 

Afterwards, ILC teachers planned to discuss with students what they learned in a debrief.