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Summer Academy Provides Rockwood Students with Additional Learning Opportunities

The Rockwood Summer Academy runs from June 1-26, 2020, and it open to students of all grade levels.
​Rockwood Summer Academy gives students from all grade levels the opportunity to learn in a personalized setting over the summer months. Summer Academy teachers and staff members reach their students in a variety of ways at a variety of levels of learning. The Summer Academy runs from June 1-26 at seven sites: Bowles, Eureka, Green Pines and Westridge elementary schools; Crestview Middle; and Lafayette and Rockwood Summit high schools. Rockwood Summit hosts both middle and high school students. It is open to students who live within the Rockwood boundaries as well as VICC students who attend Rockwood.

Here is some more information about Summer Academy at each of the grade levels:

High School
Summer Academy at the high school level benefits Rockwood students in two categories: ones seeking credit recovery from the previous year and ones seeking first-time credit in a handful of high school courses.

This year, all the credit recovery curriculum will be offered online. Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Support Services Dr. Shelley Willott said students will still have the option of learning in one of the two school sites, but they will also have the option of completing the course entirely online through Launch virtual courses.

"The students will get more support in terms of the fact that they have the Launch teacher of record, who is a certified teacher in that area, for the online, then they will have facilitators on site," Willott said. "We're asking families to declare whether they want to be there full time every day, they want to do it on a drop-in basis and come in when they need help, or they're not going to come in at all."

Willott said the district has honed in on four courses for students seeking first-time credit: health; personal finance; personal fitness and wellness; and art fundamentals. While personal finance and health can be taken entirely online, art fundamentals and personal fitness and wellness are offered in a seated format.

Digital applications for high school Summer Academy will be available online starting March 11. The last day to apply for first-time credit is May 27, and the last day to apply for credit recovery is June 1. The district will hold informational meetings in May at the Administrative Annex in Eureka to acquaint parents and students with the online learning system.

"We're going to require kids to come in and get logged in and learn how to navigate the class so we set them up for success in an online environment," Willott said. "It gives kids a lot of flexibility. If they want to work a little bit faster and be finished sooner, they can. If they need a little extra support, we're offering that at the same time. It's a move in the right direction to personalize learning for kids."

For more information, contact Dr. Tim Jones at Click here​ for the Summer Academy enrollment form.

Middle School
Rockwood Summer Academy at the middle school level offers an opportunity to gain an academic boost.

Adam Gabris, principal at the Rockwood Summit site, and Joshua Walz, principal at the Crestview site, start sending out invitations to the first group of recommended students in the spring. Their registration window runs from March 18 through April 6.

"After April 6, we open it up to other kids that are either teacher recommended for summer school help or just anybody who'd be interested in taking the program," Gabris said. "We figure out where kids are coming up short via pre-assessments the teachers do the first day or two. Those are the gaps we try to fill in as quickly as we can."

Gabris said the teachers are adept at tailoring lesson plans to the needs of individual students in their classes.

"There's a lot of differentiation going on. The kids come in at various levels of ability, and the teachers adjust to meet the kids where they are," Gabris said. "It's only 20 days, and I think we do a lot of good work in that timeframe."

For more information, contact Gabris at or Walz at

Elemen​tary School
Over the past three years, Rockwood Summer Academy has increased the number of elementary students it serves from 600 to 800.

"Our summer school teachers look for new ways to deliver the Rockwood curriculum," said Angie Schott, coordinator of the elementary school sites. "We incorporate a lot of STEM, lots of hands-on materials, smaller groups whenever we can to see if we can't help our kids connect if we offer it in just a little different way."

Like at the middle school level, elementary schools recommend Summer Academy for students who have fallen behind in math or reading. Invitations are sent to parents March 13, and the registration window is open until April 6.

"I believe in what we can bring to kids as an opportunity in the summer," Schott said. "I look forward, every summer, to improving upon where we were last summer."

For more information, contact Schott at