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Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles Releases Safety Statement Ahead of Friday Night Home Football Games


Hello, Rockwood Community Members:

Safety remains the No. 1 priority in the Rockwood School District. We are committed to having a safe learning and extracurricular environment for our students, staff and families. As a result, we continually examine our policies and regulations.

As we kick off the 2019-2020 high school football season, Rockwood School District is taking steps to make sure that our students’ families and friends and other spectators are safe at these community events.

Rockwood officials are employing extra security personnel for Friday night’s home football games at Lafayette, Marquette and Rockwood Summit. Additional administrators will be in attendance as well.

As a school district, we frequently partner with our local, state and federal law enforcement officials to ensure we have the best practices in place. Many law enforcement officials agree that the best plan is to have multiple options. Rockwood practices an options-based model that was developed by the St. Louis County Police Department.

It is known as 4E training:

--Make yourself aware of entrance and exit points.
--If you see something, say something.

--Find a place to hide and get out of sight.

--Leave the area if safe to do so and you have a clear path.

--If you cannot escape or evade and it appears you will be confronted by an intruder, disrupt or distract the intruder to give yourself a chance to escape or overpower that person. This is the last option.

This is a general outline of 4E training. I encourage you to seek some of the many 4E training resources you can find online and consider how these steps may be used at an athletic event and a variety of other public venues.

It is important to reiterate that our community is safe. However, we know incidents happen and our students, families and friends should have a plan.

I will be on the road Friday night: up and down I-44 and highways 141 and 109 to attend all three of our home football games. I look forward to seeing you at a variety of athletic and performing arts events this year. Let’s commit to keeping our children safe at these annual Rockwood community events we have come to know and love.

Dr. Mark Miles
Rockwood School District