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The Best Teacher I Ever Had Was...

Numerous members of the Rockwood community shared stories of their favorite teachers on the Rockwood Facebook page.
​We recently shared a Facebook post asking our community to tell us about memorable teachers they've had. In Rockwood School District, we often hear about special teachers who have made positive, lasting impacts on their students' lives, and we wanted our community members to help celebrate some of these educators.

The response was overwhelming, with more than 1,000 comments. Here is a small selection of the posts highlighting current Rockwood staff members:

Kathleen Herrick.jpg"(Babler Elementary fifth-grade teacher) Kathleen Herrick was an amazing influence to me! The positivity she has lights up any room she would walk into. I feel very fortunate that I was able to be a part of her first 5th grade class."  -- Kelsey Baich, Lafayette High Class of 2016

RSHS_Moonier and Rice.jpg"(Rockwood Summit High science teacher) Sarah Moonier and (vocal music teacher) Angie Rice: I would write a description, but words don't do justice. Thank you both!"  -- Conner Mark, Rockwood Summit High Class of 2016

Kara Mueller.jpg"Oh gosh, how do you choose just one Rockwood teacher?! (Eureka High​ AP literature teacher) Kara Mueller: I would never have become the writer I am today without her! She constantly challenged me writing things like "so what" on my papers to encourage me to use my voice to make people care. Up until then, I'd had teachers pat me on the head and say I was a good writer, but no one pushed me like she did." -- Chelsea McGartland, Eureka High Class of 2007

Carl Hudson.jpg"(Assistant Principal) Carl Hudson from Marquette High! He was not my grade principal, but he is a great person who was deeply invested in all students. Always led with kindness, always encouraging. Thank you, Mr. Hudson!" -- Alexis Schaffner, Marquette High Class of 2013

EHS_Arata Renner Knudtson Gensler.jpg"The whole band staff (John Arata, Cassie Renner and Jeremy Knudtson)! Band was the biggest part of my high school career and all three support their students completely. I also loved my classes with (language arts teacher) Andy Gensler and (former Eureka High teacher) Harry Witt, two of the most caring and dedicated teachers I've ever had." -- Cristin Selle, Eureka High Class of 2014

Doug Ell.jpg"​(Lafayette High social studies teacher) Doug Ell hands down is one of the greats! It can be challenging to really connect with teachers especially during crazy years of life, and he seriously makes the BEST effort to know his students and make sure they are being taught and mentored in a way that’s suitable for their specific needs. Had the pleasure of having him as a teacher both at Wildwood Middle and Lafayette​." -- Alexandra Wright, Lafayette High Class of 2010