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Then and Now: Ballwin Elementary Librarian Kristin Clark

Kristin Clark is the librarian at Ballwin Elementary, where she went to school for three years.
​​​There are more than 300 staff members around Rockwood School District who were Rockwood students during their K-12 years. "Then and Now" is a series that highlights some of their stories and what has made Rockwood special to them as both students and educators.

Kristin Clark, librarian, Ballwin Elementary
Rockwood Schools Attended: Woerther Elementary​, Ballwin, Selvidge Middle, Lafayette High​
Grades Attended in Rockwood: K, 4-12

As a sixth-grader, Kristin Clark got to experience the excitement surrounding Ballwin Elementary's 50th birthday. She remembers her class helping to write a giant "50" on the baseball fields by the school, big enough so that you could see it from the air.

As Ballwin's librarian for the past 14 years, Clark has also been on hand to celebrate the school's 70th and 80th birthdays.

Krstin Clark, as a sixth-grader, in front of Ballwin Elementary as it celebrates its 50th birthday."Last year for the 80th I was like, 'Oh my gosh, am I going to be here for 100?'" Clark said, with a laugh.

Clark started in Rockwood as a third-grade teacher at Uthoff Valley Elementary for six years before returning to her former school in 2006.

The library looks completely different now from when she went to school, and it's no longer in the basement. The books from her time as a student have all rotated out by now, though she did once see her sister's name on a checkout card early in her tenure.

While the physical environment has changed, Clark cherishes the opportunity to share her love of reading with students, which Ballwin helped cultivate.

"I remember loving to go check out books. I remember getting in the book mobile out front, too," Clark said. "I've always been a reader. Now, we see some kids every day because of the flexible schedule, which is so awesome. Our space is more of a place where kids can come and be. They can come read, go to the maker space or check out books."

Kristin Clark, as a Ballwin Elementary sixth-grader and now.Clark's mother, Lynn Sabina, was a teacher at Kellison Elementary​ for more than 25 years. Growing up, Clark spent plenty of time in the classroom with her mom, laminating handouts, helping set up the room and doing whatever else was needed.

Clark loves that she gets to teach in the same district as her mother, the same district she attended, and reach all of Ballwin's grade levels through her work as librarian and the Girls on the Run team coach.

"Instead of just having them one year, I have them every year," Clark said. "The fifth-graders, it seems like they were just in kindergarten. It's cool to see how their interests and reading grow."