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Then and Now: Logan Kramer and Krista Krebsbach, Rockwood Summit High

Rockwood Summit teachers Logan Kramer and Krista Krebsbach have been friends since they were Rockwood South Middle students.


There are more than 300 staff members around Rockwood School District who were Rockwood students during their K-12 years. "Then and Now" is a series that highlights some of their stories and what has made Rockwood special to them as both students and educators.

Logan Kramer, American Sign Language, and Krista Krebsbach, mathematics, Rockwood Summit High

Rockwood Schools Attended
Kramer: Rockwood South Middle, Rockwood Summit
Krebsbach: Stanton Elementary, Rockwood South, Rockwood Summit

Grades Attended in Rockwood
Kramer: 6-12
Krebsbach: K-12
Logan Kramer thought it would be strange working alongside her former teachers at Rockwood Summit. That is, until she spent a year as a classroom assistant at the high school and found that she liked it. She joined the staff as an American Sign Language teacher in 2013.

Krista Krebsbach loved her time teaching in Northwest School District but also had the ultimate goal of returning to teach at Summit. When a mathematics job opened up before the 2018-2019 school year, she was quick to apply.

Kramer and Krebsbach_Then and Now.jpgKramer, who has been close friends with Krebsbach since their days as Rockwood South students, stopped by the front office to wish her luck on the day of the interview.

"I didn't really have to, though, because the whole math department knew her and had kept in touch with her," Kramer said. "But I was really crossing my fingers."

As Summit teachers, the two friends are enjoying the mix of nostalgia and pride that comes with working at their alma mater.

"I always loved how involved the faculty is here," Krebsbach said. "All of my teachers tried to get to know you on a personal level and really make those connections. As a staff member, the morale is awesome. Staff members are really supportive of you, the administration is really supportive of you. The district just feels like home to me."

Logan Kramer_Then and Now.jpgKramer and Krebsbach were both cheerleaders in high school and kept in close contact as they pursued education degrees in college. Kramer taught abroad at a U.S.​ Army base in Germany and thought she would end up teaching history.

Then a teaching slot opened up for American Sign Language, in which Kramer had taken multiple courses in college.

​"I really love it," Kramer said. "Most of my students are hearing and are taking it because they maybe know someone who's deaf. Or maybe they have a friend who took the class before and saw them signing and it caught their eye and they thought it was interesting."

Krista Krebsbach_Then and Now.jpgKrebsbach met her future husband when they were Summit students and her aunt, Jaime Alvarado, was part of the school's first graduating class. Alvarado works with Child Nutrition Services in the Summit cafeteria. Krebsbach said Shannon Walton, her junior year math teacher, is the reason she wanted to become an educator.

Now they're colleagues.

"We had a lot of really good role model teachers here and at South," Kramer said. "They were really a positive force in my life and a lot of my friends' lives. Summit has a real small-school feel to it. It's like everybody knows everybody, and you feel a connection in the community."