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Wellness Fair Promotes Health, Community at Rockwood Valley

A student finishes a kick during a martial arts session at Rockwood Valley Wellness Day.

The scene in the Rockwood Valley Middle​ weight room was a flurry of action Wednesday morning, with students cycling through a series of Crossfit stations in which they performed exercises such as box jumps, kettlebell lifts and ball slams. If you stepped out the door into the back gym, though, you'd experience something completely different: rows of students focusing on staying still, holding yoga poses for as long as they could.

In one room, a Zumba class was learning the steps to a high-energy dance to a Latin beat while, just down the hallway, students were painting their feelings and trying their hands at a pottery wheel.

The first-ever Wellness Day at Rockwood Valley included 23 different sessions at which students could check out activities that promoted physical and emotional well-being. There truly was something for everyone.

Two students work at pottery wheels during Rockwood Valley Wellness Day."​The essential question for that day was, ‘How does focusing on my own wellness affect others around me?’" said school social worker Zana Ganic. "We had sessions that really targeted and allowed for everyone to be included. We wanted to offer a variety of sessions for people who may not like physical activity, and may prefer something like nature journaling, poetry or self-love. It was just a really fun day that they enjoyed.”​

Ganic said she got the idea from Eureka High's annual Student Wellness Conference and worked with the district's Partners in Education​ facilitators to bring in partners from around the community who could lead the sessions. Students attended two sessions over two hours Wednesday -- a half-day -- and teachers and staff were also encouraged to participate.

The school placed an emphasis on mixing in students from all three grades throughout the sessions.

"We wanted to make it a whole-school event," Ganic said. "There were eighth- and seventh-grade students helping the sixth-graders, so there was a lot of mingling going on. The emphasis was on creating a community together while exposing the students to different activities and giving them that chance to find a new interest. It also gave students the chance to see people in their own grade level who they may not have known and see that they had something in common.”​

Students learn a dance during a Zumba class at Rockwood Valley Wellness Day.Students take a comedy improv class at Rockwood Valley Wellness Day.Students perform Crossfit dumbell lifts during Rockwood Valley Wellness Day.