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Class of 2024 Senior Spotlight: Quinten Bennett, Eureka High

Class of 2024 Senior Spotlight: Quinten Bennett, Eureka High

Quinten Bennett has experienced a series of successes academically and athletically during his time at Eureka High.

On the football field, he helped lead the Wildcats to a district championship this fall during his senior year. In the classroom, his hard work and good grades helped him gain acceptance to Washington University in St. Louis, where he plans to continue his football career and major in computer science.

“After four years of working hard with my teammates, we finally reached our desired goal (the district championship), and it was one of the best moments of my life,” Bennett said. “Football helped me develop relationships that will carry me many years, along with honing my leadership skills in many areas that go far beyond the football field.”

Bennett has been on the Eureka track team during all four years of high school and played on the basketball team during his freshman year. Participating in National Honor Society activities also helped him develop an appreciation for what he has while performing service projects to benefit the community.

Bennett said he first started exploring computer science late in middle school and early in high school, soon finding that it would be an interesting career for him to pursue.

“I was fascinated at how you could create and develop anything at your will and really let your creativity flourish,” he said. “Rockwood has helped me collaborate with friends and teachers that I knew I could rely on and who would teach me and help me with the process of education and life in general.”

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