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Rockwood Will Accept Applications for Vacant Board of Education Seat

Rockwood Will Accept Applications for Vacant Board of Education Seat

The Rockwood School District will be accepting applications to fill an open seat vacated by Board of Education Director Jessica Clark. On April 8, Ms. Clark submitted her resignation, effective May 17, because she is relocating outside of the district.

According to Rockwood Policy 0324, when a vacancy occurs on the Board of Education, the remaining members of the Board will - by majority vote - select an individual to fill the vacant position until the next annual school election, which is April 8, 2025.

Candidates for the Board vacancy will be asked to provide a resume or biography as well as responses to questions designed to give candidates an opportunity to express their views on a variety of topics related to Rockwood. Board members will review the answers provided as a critical part of their decision, which will also include interviewing candidates for possible appointment to the open Board seat. During a discussion at the April 16 Board meeting, the Board discussed the process and collectively agreed that they would see how many candidates submitted applications before making a decision as to how many would be interviewed. Board President Lynne Midyett shared that this was a very important undertaking that the entire Board should participate in and that it would be conducted in open session. 

“We will make this process as transparent as we possibly can,” she said.

Applications are available at the Rockwood Administrative Center and on the Rockwood website. Applications will be accepted beginning Monday, April 22 and must be submitted in person at the Administrative Office, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The deadline to submit an application is Monday, May 6.

The Board will review the applications and hold a special Board meeting on Thursday, May  30, to interview candidates and collectively choose an individual to fill the vacancy. An alternate date of Tuesday, May 28, was set aside depending on the number of candidates who apply, in case there may need to be multiple meetings to conduct interviews. The appointee will be sworn in at the June 6 Board meeting at Eureka High.

To be eligible for appointment to the Board under Missouri law, individuals must:

  1. Be a citizen of the United States of America. 
  2. Be a resident taxpayer of the Rockwood School District. 
  3. Have resided in the Rockwood School District and Missouri for a minimum of one year immediately preceding your appointment, if appointed. 
  4. Be at least 24 years of age. 
  5. Not be delinquent in the payment of any state income taxes, personal property taxes, municipal taxes or real property taxes on your place of residence. 
  6. Not have been found guilty of nor pled guilty to a felony or misdemeanor under the federal laws of the United States of America or to a felony under Missouri law or an offense committed in another state that would be considered a felony in Missouri.
  7. Not be registered or required to be registered as a sex offender.  
  8. Have filed, or the treasurer of any existing candidate committee has filed, all required campaign disclosure reports with the Missouri Ethics Commission, when applicable, for all previous elections in which you were a candidate.

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