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Student Handbook

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This is a special publication of the specific policies regarding student discipline, as enacted by the Rockwood School District Board of Education. This information provides a basis of understanding between the home, school and community. Rockwood families who wish to receive a printed handbook may request one from their school principal.

All policies and regulations included in this publication were recently reviewed and revised by various school administrators. Recommended changes in existing and new policies have been approved by the Rockwood Board of Education. In addition, the Rockwood Board of Education has approved a behavioral code for students attending Rockwood Schools.

This booklet does not include special rules developed by the principal and staff of an individual building. It is the responsibility of the principal of each building to keep students and their parents or guardians informed of any special rules developed for the operation of that particular school. Such rules will be consistent with the policies of the Rockwood Board of Education. Parents and students who have questions about the intent or meaning of any of these policies are urged to contact school officials or Rockwood Assistant Superintendent Supervision of Schools

Student Discipline Policies and Regulations

Review the following Student Discipline Policies and Regulations

1400 - School/Community Relations

​2100 – Students General

2200 – Student Admission and Withdrawal

2300 – Student Attendance

2400 – Student Records

2500 – Student Academic Achievement

2600 – Student Discipline

2800 – Student Services

2900 – Student Activities and Athletics

3300 – Revenue

5200 – Safety, Security and Communications

5600 – Transportation

6300 – Library, Media and Technology Services

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