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111 East North Street, Eureka, MO 63025 | Phone (636) 733-2000 | Fax (636) 733-8851

Voice Messaging

The successful delivery of information is dependent upon accurate contact information.

  • Check your family's phone numbers and email addresses on the Infinite Campus Portal. If you do not have an Infinite Campus account, find out how you can get one.​​

  • If your contact information changes, please notify the school registrar immediately. Rockwood's automatic​ notification system receives an upload of student contact information each evening to ensure we have the most up-to-date contact information for our students.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Parents can receive two types of information via voice messaging.​

Emergency Messages from the District

In case of an emergency, the district will attempt to r​​​each parents at every phone number listed for their child on Infinite Campus, our student information system.

  • Caller ID will display the phone number of Rockwood Connect: (636) 733-1155.

  • Emergency voice messages will be delivered to all phone numbers identified in the student system, including all parent home, cell and work phone numbers.

  • Types of calls include the following: (1) school cancellations for inclement weather the day of school closings and (2) crisis notifications for district/school emergencies, such as a school evacuation.

Outreach, Informational Messages from a School

For informational messages, such as event reminders, principal updates and general school announcements, the school will call parents on cell phones.

  • Caller ID will display the school's main number.

  • Informational voice messages will be delivered to two phone numbers: (1) the primary cell phone and the (2) secondary cell phone listed in Infinite Campus.

  • Types of calls include: (1) school cancellations for inclement weather the evening before a school closing and (2) general, school-specific announcements.​

 Frequently Asked Questions

No, the message into will start playing automatically. You’ll hear a recording stating that you have a message and giving instructions on how to proceed to retrieve the message.​

Messages in progress may be restarted from the beginning by pressing the star (*) key.​​

Rockwood Connect will make four attempts to reach each phone num​ber at 15 minute intervals. If the message is not delivered by the final attempt, the school is notified of such in the delivery report.​

​The system is will ring a line up to six times. If your answering machine is set to pick up on seven or more rings, the message may not be delivered to your machine. Therefore, we encourage you to set your machine to six rings or fewer. Another possibility is that there is a break or a substantial silence in your machine’s outgoing message, causing the phone message to play prior to the machine actually recording. Please make sure that the greeting is seamless to facilitate successful message delivery.​

Each Rockwood school and the district has its name and main contact number listed as the caller ID for each outgoing message.​ It is up to your phone carrier to pass it along to you, their customer. Furthermore, different local telephone companies process caller ID information differently. Some provide the name associated with the number, while others do not. For example, a telephone company may require an individual to subscribe to “Advanced Caller ID” in order to receive the school name along with the phone number. Unfortunately, we have no control over this feature.