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Rockwood School District
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Frequently Asked Questions


The security of student information is important. Parents must follow these two steps in order to establish a Parent Portal account.

  1. Print and complete a ​Parent Access Request Form​​.

  2. Take the completed form along with a photo ID to your school office.​ If you have child​ren at different schools, you only need to complete one form and visit one of the schools. Office staff will verify your form and ID and provide you with your Parent Portal secure access.

Your User ID will be the same on both systems. However, your passwords will be different. The passwords are encrypted on the system to ensure the confidentiality of student information.​

Grades and school assignments for secondary students are available in real time. Other information is uploaded to the Rockwood app every day at 7:00 p.m.​

It takes 24 hours for the transaction of student information from Infinite Campus to the Rockwood app. Please return the next day to find your student information.​

Please feel free to contact Rockwood Communications Web Services at (636) 733-1150 or email​.

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