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Frequently Asked Questions


 General Information

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Current St. Louis County Department of Public Health guidance is that the student or staff member must quarantine for 14 days following the household member being symptom free for three days. 

If a household contact is never symptomatic, they could still be shedding virus and contagious for up to 14 days past exposure or positive test. This means that the non-positive household contacts are quarantined for the 14 days following the quarantine of the positive household member. 

Please note that each household member must be released from quarantine or isolation by the St. Louis County Department of Public Health.

In order to maximize health and safety all staff, students and visitors will wear cloth face coverings at school. 

Students will bring their own cloth face coverings to wear at school. Students who are unable to bring a mask to school will be provided a mask. All schools will have a supply of disposable masks available for students.​ Cloth face coverings will be provided for all staff and PPE (personal protective equipment) will be provided to staff depending on their position (nurses, custodians, etc). Staff members are also welcome to bring and wear their own masks at school. Cloth face coverings should be cleaned after use each day and if damp or dirty.​

Rockwood recognizes that some students and staff will be unable to wear a mask due to medical conditions, social-emotional needs and/or when the risk of wearing a mask would outweigh the benefit. Rockwood will work with students to educate them on the benefits and proper wearing of masks and/or develop a safe alternative when needed and possible.
Students will not have to stay at their desk in the classroom all day.  There will be movement throughout the class.  The structure and makeup of the class will remain the same as before with the expectation of an emphasis on social distancing.  

Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria. At the elementary and middle school levels, assigned seating will be utilized to prevent mixing of groups and students. At the middle and high school levels, lunch shifts will be adjusted to minimize students waiting in serving lines. Child Nutrition Services staff will take steps to reduce the chances of exposure to COVID-19.​

Students will be able to choose where they want to sit at the start of the school year and then asked to maintain their spot until circumstances change.
Students will be with their peers at lunch, recess and sometimes special classes.  For the majority of the day, students will remain with their homeroom class.​
Yes. We will follow St. Louis County face covering guidelines, which currently state that face coverings are required while indoors, or while outdoors when social distancing is not possible. The guidelines do not extend to people who are playing a sport or exercising.

Indoor recess will be separated by grade level, in some instances by class depending on the circumstances. 

Yes, mask breaks will be implemented during the day at staff members' discretion. 

Daily health screenings (self-assessments) will be required for all staff and students each day before coming to school. When checking their children, parents should screen for: fever of 100 or greater in the past 14 days; new cough; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; chills; sore throat; body aches; loss of sense of smell or taste. If a student or staff member is experiencing any of these symptoms, they should stay home from school.
Yes, students and staff will be expected to socially distance to the extent possible. Social distancing of at least six feet remains one of the best preventative measures for reducing the spread of COVID-19. It is recognized that this cannot be accomplished at all times, and distancing of at least three feet has been shown to reduce infections.​
Rockwood School District administrators have ordered and receive on a regular basis equipment to be used for sanitization and protection against COVID-19, including masks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, infrared thermometers, disposable gloves, face shields, gowns and spray bottles.​
The indoor/outdoor air exchange levels for our building HVAC systems are directed by St. Louis County building code and ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers). For several years, our HVAC systems have been equipped to exchange indoor and outdoor air. ASHRAE has recently recommended increasing the fresh air supply into buildings to dilute potential contaminants. District officials have been working collaboratively with our HVAC engineering firm to develop a plan to further increase the quantity of outside air introduced into our buildings once students and staff return in August. It’s a difficult balance to increase fresh air intake while not negatively impacting the comfort level inside our buildings during the most humid time of the year. In addition, all district HVAC units utilize antimicrobial filters that are replaced at minimum on a quarterly basis. All of these filters are scheduled to be most recently replaced by the first day of school Aug. 24.

They will immediately be separated from others, cared for by a staff member wearing PPE and asked to wear a mask (if able). Parents will be contacted immediately for pick-up of an ill student. An ill staff member will be sent home immediately. Deep cleaning will occur as soon as possible after the person leaves the building.  

Notification will be made as necessary to those identified as a close contact of the ill student or staff member for a confirmed positive case. General information will be provided as necessary to all people in the affected building for a confirmed positive case.​

Anyone with a positive test will need to isolate at home according to the instructions they are given by the St. Louis County Health Department. Only the health department may release an individual who has tested positive from quarantine status. Rockwood will notify public health authorities of a positive test; notify the staff and parents of students known to be on campus with the positive case; notify the staff and parents of students thought to have been in close contact with the positive case; assist public health authorities with contact tracing if requested; and provide deep cleaning of the spaces used by the positive case in the previous 48 hours.​
Schools will avoid, to the extent possible, any large gathering of students. Field trips are canceled until further notice. School assemblies will not be held until further notice.​
Drivers and monitors must complete the COVID-19 Self Report Form prior to starting their routes each day.  Consistent with St. Louis County Department of Public Health guidance, drivers and monitors who have symptoms will notify their supervisor and stay home. The interior of the bus will be cleaned and disinfected twice daily, paying attention to high-touch surfaces such as the entrance handrail, seats, steering wheel and door handles. Due to various constraints, it is not practical for Rockwood to meet strict social distancing guidelines on buses, but the district will implement practices to reduce the likelihood of spreading the disease.​


All Rockwood teachers K-12 will be using the Canvas Learning Management System so that both parents and students have one location to access learning, complete assignments and interact with teachers and classmates. There are several tools within Canvas that teachers will use to support the types of interactions students would experience in the traditional classroom, such as discussions and small group projects. 

For more information, click here​.

Rockwood Online differs significantly from the Alternative Learning Plan (ALP) that was adopted in March 2020 as a result of emergency school closures.  More than 250 Rockwood teachers underwent training and worked over the summer to build quality, interactive, engaging online lessons. that focus on the following:

  • Regular teacher interaction with your child including direct instruction, small-group facilitation, individual conferencing and intervention support.
  • Teachers assigned to specific sections of students, just as in regular classrooms. They will be attentive to student needs, provide consistent student interaction and communicate with parents when students are not participating.
  • Activities that engage and support interaction with materials both on and offline in a flexible environment.
  • Clear, consistent course navigation and organization of learning materials that encourage student independence.
  • Student access to a virtual locker that was built to include a number of resources and digital tools including research databases, digital textbooks, supplemental learning software and software that supports the creation of original content to demonstrate learning.
  • Assessment that encourages research and original thinking. 
  • Grading practices that are consistent with those of the seated classroom.
  • Class sizes consistent with those of the seated classroom because the teacher expectations for student feedback and communication are equivalent.
  • Academic timelines aligned to those of seated courses for quarter start and end dates, grading and reporting and course completion.​

First Quarter (K-12): Oct. 23

Second Quarter (K-12): Jan. 14

Third Quarter (K-5): March 5 (6-12): March 19

Fourth Quarter (K-12): June 3
Rockwood is working with St. Louis County government and the St. Louis County Library to make sure students have internet access at home. Rockwood parents who need tablets or hotspots for their children can request them from the school district.

To fill out the hotspot request form, click here​.
In-person student attendance days will be determined by household, by the first letter of the last name of the primary guardian.  

Students will be divided in half alphabetically in all grade levels to maintain consistency for families. Each group will attend school in person two days per week: one half (A-L) on Tuesday and Thursday and the other half (M-Z) on Wednesday and Friday. All students will learn remotely on the other three days of the school week. School buildings will be closed on Mondays and students will have scheduled Zoom meetings with their teachers on that day.​

S​tudents will continue to receive gifted services. For more specific information regarding gifted services, please visit the gifted program website.​ ​

Yes, the start and end dates for online coursework will be aligned to those of seated coursework. ​

Like in-person students, at-home students will learn a semester's worth of material in a quarter. At-home secondary students will be on the same schedule as in-person students: hours 1, 3, 5 and 7 in the first quarter; hours 2, 4, 6 and 8 in the second quarter and repeating in the second semester.
We will be discussing this with our AP teachers and will offer AP review sessions for students prior to the test just as we have done in the past. 

Students will receive the full semester of curriculum condensed into one quarter. Secondary students can expect the workload to be the same that they had when they took seven classes at once. They will spend more time on each of four courses each quarter instead. 

Families will receive school supply information from their schools just as they have in the past.

At-home students will be provided with the same materials they would use for the in-person option including, but not limited to, math manipulatives and books. 
They are encouraged, but sessions will be recorded so students can access those interactions when they are able to do so. 

Rockwood teachers spent their summer developing creative solutions to continuing the learning in these content areas. While the lessons and processes may look different, students will be offered the opportunity to take these courses in both learning models.  

Band/choir/orchestra students will work on instrumental/vocal technique independently at home with the support of recordings and lessons from teachers. They will submit videos for feedback from the teacher and participate in small group Zoom coaching sessions. They will also have virtual assignments in music reading, composition and music critique.

Beginning third-grade violin students and beginning sixth-grade band students will start virtual coursework with pre-instrument lessons designed to build music literacy skills and overall musicianship. Depending on public health recommendations at the time, we hope to be able to fit these students for instruments at the beginning of second quarter.
Splitting students Tu/Th and W/F provides students with more consistent interaction with their teacher without long periods of time without seeing him/her. If students attended two days in a row (M/Tu and Th/F), the Th/F students would not have contact with a teacher for five days (including weekends). 

Families may change their enrollment at each quarter transition.​ 

If families experience a need to change their academic delivery mode before the end of the quarter, they are encouraged to reach out to their building administrator to discuss options.

If an in-person student tests positive for COVID-19 and is required to quarantine at home, teachers will work that student to ensure continuity of educational services virtually.

Much of the learning in the secondary plan will be asynchronous. Students will have daily video announcements from their teachers explaining what needs to be accomplished for the day. From that point, students will watch lessons and complete assignments. The teachers will be available during school hours to answer questions, provide feedback and meet with students virtually. 

Elementary students will receive daily interactions with their teacher in the form of Zoom lessons, small-group instruction through Zoom and individual student conferences through Zoom. In addition, the elementary teachers will be available to provide students with individualized support as needed. 

Each secondary course will have a dedicated Rockwood online teacher who is certified to teach the content. The teacher will be available to answer student questions, conduct individual instructional support and re-teach  via Zoom as students need it. Teachers will respond to student requests in a timely manner. 

Our goal is to attend school 5 days a week. As soon as that opportunity is available, students will attend five days and follow the schedule that is in place at that time. 

S​tudents will receive their schedules​​ prior to the start of school year just as they have in the past. Buildings will communicate when and how students will receive their schedules to their community. 


Yes, with the possible exception of a few specialized elective courses, courses will be taught by Rockwood staff. 
Rockwood will continue to keep first-semester courses in the first semester. Students will take half of them in the first quarter and the other half in second quarter. That process will repeat in January for the second semester of their coursework.
Students will have scheduled Zoom lessons with their teachers on Monday. On the other two days that students are not in attendance, they will be provided with lessons and practice that are curriculum-based in a digital format.

​Yes, students will learn the same curriculum in both models and will keep the pace so that, if a change needs to occur at quarter from one option to the other, there will be a consistent transition in their learning. ​

​Middle school and high school students should expect to be engaged in school work a minimum of 4 hours a day. Students will be accessing lessons online, completing assignments, and interacting with their teacher and classmates. 

Elementary students who are enrolled in the full online option will spend approximately 3-4 hours a day on school work. The work time will be broken down into manageable chunks that are age-appropriate. That time will include some time spent on the computer, some time doing activities away from the screen and some time interacting with their teachers and classmates. 

 Social-Emotional Support

We are working to offer special services in person four days per week.  Students with IEPs would have the option to come to school just for their services on their at-home days.

We will hold annual IEP meetings as they come due.  At this time, meetings will be held virtually.​

Rockwood School District social workers, school counselors and social-emotional behavior specialists (SEBs) have prepared robust plans of action to address mental health, anxiety and stress-related issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.​
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