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Middle Schools


​Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the middle school summer academy will only be offered online this summer. We have partnered with an outside vendor (Launch​) to offer this online experience. This program will contain Math, Language Arts, and Enrichment courses to continue to keep your child engaged and learning in preparation for the next​ school year. Rockwood will be offering s​everal options for students, see course offerings below. Students have the opportunity to select up to two of the courses for the summer. For families interested in participating in the online summer academy,  we strongly suggest enrolling your child in at least one extended learning course to strengthen their skills in that core area.

Math acceleration is not a part of ​this online summer academy experience. Information about the district’s Math Ramp Up program and the registration process can be found on the ​Rockwood Curriculum website​.


Classes will meet for four weeks beginning Wednesday, June 3 through Tuesday, June 30, 2020​.​

Course Offerings

Extended Learning Math - Extended Learning Program: Math is designed to provide summer learning opportunities for middle school students needing additional support in math.  Students will strengthen their fundamental math skills through targeted instruction and purposeful practice while participating in interactive activities.

Extended Learning Language Arts - Extended Learning Program: Reading 1 is designed to provide summer learning opportunities for students needing additional support in the areas of reading, writing, and comprehension. Students will (1) read books based on interest, (2) write a fractured fairy tale, (3) work on reading comprehension skills, and (4) receive differentiated instruction through the use of Reading Plus, an adaptive literacy intervention program.

Escape - See if you can create the best digital breakout and escape room to be the Escape champion! During this course you will learn about Google suite applications, word games, challenges, create a digital breakout and design an escape room. You will be provided with tips and tricks when building digital breakouts and escape rooms to create the most challenging games for participants.

Game On - Students will learn how to design their own video games; no prior experience necessary. Students will learn to write code using several different platforms and languages. There will also be an opportunity to visit an arcade.

Operation Innovation - Are you ready to rise up and be the voice of innovation for a cause? Join us as we explore your leadership potential and take action to make a meaningful impact on our world.

Outdoor U - Do you love the outdoors? Learn about different ways you can experience and enjoy nature and acquire the skills you need to thrive in the great outdoors as you experience archery, fly-fishing, hiking, survival skills, and more. Students will visit various outdoor recreation areas each week. Bring your hiking boots!​

​​Updated 0​5/14/20​

 Middle School Summer Academy Administration Team

​​Princi​pal, Joshua Walz​
(636) 891-6964​

Principal, Adam Gabris​​​

Assistant Principal, Adam Dotson