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Rockwood South Middle
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​​​​​Activities and clubs play an integral role in a student’s education experience.  For a weekly schedule of activities, see the Weekly Announcements & Calendar on the RSMS website.

These opportunities contribute positively to increased school pride, overall school climate and individual student growth.  Ask your teachers and counselors about how you can become involved in Rockwood South school activities.

RSMS 2020-2021​ On-Line Clubs and Activities (more to come)

Academic/Scholar Bowl – Mrs. Batt 

(This club was active while all students were virtual, this club ended when students returned to the RSMS building in November.)

Trivia Covering: History, Science, Math, Literature, Music, Art, and Pop Culture

Academic/Scholar Club- Are you good at Trivia?  Do you know lots of interesting facts about various subjects?  Join Academic/Scholar Club!  We will have a quiz/game show format with questions from History, Science, Math, Spelling, Literature, Pop Culture, Music, Art, Foreign Languages, and Sports.  Students can compete individually, and with teams.   

Falcon Players (Drama Club) - Mr. Schnider

Rehearsals & Tech for Play Productions (Monday through Thursday)

Garden Club

Harvesting vegetables and herbs, planting seeds, pulling weeds, and general garden maintenance. We've also been letting the chickens out to run in their yard.

6th Grade Games and Activities 

(This club was active while all students were virtual, this club ended when students returned to the RSMS building in November.)

Come hang out with Mrs. Kempa and Dr. Bergtholdt and get to know other 6th grade students! We will play games, do activities and have opportunities to win fun prizes.


Where: on Zoom:  Falcon Run Club with Coach Fischer  

When:  9/17, 9/21, 9/28, 10/6, 10/12, 10/19, 10/27, More dates to follow 

Time: 2:30-3:30

Why: To offer you something after school that you can get involved in, be 

          part of a team, and contribute!

          To promote a healthy active lifestyle through fitness and running. Our focus will

          be on cross country to prepare for the Rockwood School District XC meet which 

          is usually in October but postponed until November.

          Possibly to offer are virtual and in person road races in our STL community. 

          Provide weekly workouts (ones to do inside/outside safely at home)

Discuss the importance of well balanced meals, hydration, proper sleep habits, 

and good running shoes

A Typical Day for a Falcon Runner:

Meet on zoom

Warm ups


Workout for the day

Cool down/strides

Core work

NJHS - Amy Krueger

Once officers are elected on Oct. 28, those 5-6 officers will have an additional Zoom meeting with me on the Tuesdays prior to the scheduled general membership meetings. I will supply a link to them for this meeting!

About Tuesdays, we are planning our meetings for the first Tuesday of the month, unless we run into other events scheduled, at which time, we will schedule one of the other Tuesdays (I will be looking ahead on the calendar to create a comprehensive list of the Tuesdays we WILL be meeting.)

Selected members meet in committees to plan acts of service and outreach.

​Student Journalism - Mrs. Barrett

Student Journalism is a club for students who enjoy writing and being in the know! We write all sorts of genres like news, editorial, short stories, poems, top 10 lists, and much more. If you love to write and would like to be published for students, teachers, and parents to read, join Student Journalism club!  Meet on Wednesdays.​​

Study Hall with Ms. Komorek

​​Please join Miss Komorek Tuesday's after school from 2:30-3:20 for after school study hall! The time is yours to work on assignments in a more structured setting, and Miss Komorek will be there to answer any questions you may have. Any student is more than welcome to attend, regardless of grade level or team.

Web Leaders Meetings –  Anderson/Komerek check RSMS calendar for dates. 

WEB Leaders will be meeting on Thrusdays to plan activities and lessons to share with our 6th Grade students.

Yearbook - Mrs. Bittle

​Yearbook - Yearbook meetings for students who will work hard and are committed to attending each week from September through March working to create the RSMS yearbook. Students will be collecting photos, doing computer work, performing weekly yearbook duties.  All of this commitment and hard work will yield our RSMS 2020-2021 Yearbook!  ​

 Frequently Asked Questions

Rockwood South Middle School activities are open to all students who attend RSMS. A few activities may be restricted to certain grade levels. This information will be included in the announcements.

Students will not be allowed to participate in intramural activities on the days they have been assigned to a detention or in-school/out-of-school suspension.​

​Students participating in activities are expected to be courteous, cooperative, committed, and in control. This includes following the guidelines established by the sponsor, turning in the necessary permission forms, and displaying appropriate behavior at all times.

It is a privilege to participate in activities at RSMS. Students who misbehave while participating will be removed from the activity and will not be allowed to participate in any other activities until given permission by the administration and sponsor.

​Activities are usually held on Mondays(NO TRANSPORTATION PROVIDED), Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2:50 to 4:30. Some activities may be held at different times and will be noted in the specific description of that activity.

​Most of the activities will be held at RSMS. Those that are not will be listed under the specific description of the activity. The activities held off campus might require the parent/guardian to pick up the student because it concludes after the activity buses have departed.

​Students are directed to sign up through activity link on RSMS homepage by 1:00 by Monday to attend an after school activity for the week. .

​Activities end at 3:55. Students will be escorted to the front lobby for parent pick-up or to board the Fenton activity bus.  Students are allowed to walk with parent permission. Students riding the VICC bus should check in with the activities supervisor in the cafeteria.  The VICC bus will depart at 4:30.​

​These activities are set up for the students to learn something new. It is a great way to meet new friends, gain new experiences, and have fun.