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Dr. Laurie Birkenmeier



    RSMS Summer Newsletter - Friday, August 7, 2020

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    Dear Falcon Family,

    Welcome to Rockwood South Middle School and the 2020-2021 school year! We certainly had an interesting summer filled with our fair share of uncertainty. Still, one thing that remains certain is the strength of our Falcon Family. I couldn't help but smile when I read the definition of "Family" above as it perfectly fits our community. I have personally seen our community support and care for one another in the best and most difficult times. I have no doubt that in our community we will continue to extend grace to one another, provide support, and work together to make certain our kids thrive. I am immensely proud of our Falcon Family!

    Although our school year will begin differently with 100% of our students engaged in online learning, our mission will remain the same. We will continuously strive to learn and discover, connect as a community, and make a positive difference for our kids and one another. We will continue to build strong relationships with our students and go above and beyond to meet their needs. We will remain Falcon Proud!

    As we begin our school year, the question, "Remember when...?" has really resonated with me. Years from now, we will look back on this time and say, "Remember when...?" with thoughts of the 20-21 school year. I often wonder, how will each of us fill in the ellipsis within this sentence? The most powerful part is that we can choose what this will look like through our actions TODAY. I know that I speak on the behalf of our entire RSMS Staff when I share that we will be able to say, "Remember when we developed all of these fantastic new ways to connect and support our kids and families?" "Remember when we had such grace and forgiveness for one another that we seamlessly worked together to support every student?" "Remember when our Falcon Community became the community with the greatest bond and deepest commitment to our kids?" Each of us has the power and responsibility to make that future statement our reality. "Remember when...?" begins now.

    In the coming weeks, we will share more with you regarding the details of our online learning structure. In the meantime, please take note of this important information:

    Orientation: Orientation will not be held this school year. Instead, we are offering “Picture Day” on the dates and times below. Please plan to attend during your designated time based upon the first letter of your last name. If you are in need of transportation, please contact Pam Eisenrich at (636)891-6873. We will have a make-up date later in the school year if you are unable to attend. We will also distribute yearbooks from the 19-20 school year to students who purchased a yearbook last school year. Last but not least, 6th-grade students who have not yet picked up their new Chromebook can do so at this time!

    • Wednesday, August 12, 2020, for 6th-grade

    • Thursday, August 13, 2020, for 7th-grade

    • Friday, August 14, 2020, for 8th-grade

    • Orientation Times by alphabet:

    1:00 – 2:00 A-D

    2:00 – 3:00 E – I

    3:00 – 4:00 J – N

    4:00 – 5:00 O – R

    5:00 – 6:00 S – T

    6:00 – 7:00 U - Z

    WEB Day for 6th-grade: WEB Day will be online for all 6th-grade students rather than in-person. We will send more details regarding our online WEB experience in the days to come.

    Beginning Band Meeting and Instrument Display: We will host this event as planned. Please see the details below if you are a band student.

    Student Schedules: As a reminder, student schedules will be ready after August 20th.

    I am incredibly thankful to be a part of our Falcon Family. I look forward to meeting our new families and to working with each of you to discover, connect, and make a difference. The power of our partnership is essential for the support, growth, and learning of our children. And of course, we will get through whatever comes our way this year, because we're FAMILY.

    I hope you enjoy the last few days of summer and please do not hesitate to contact us with questions at 636-891-6850. This is going to be the best year yet!

    With Falcon Pride,


    Laurie Birkenmeier, Ed.D.


    Rockwood South Middle School

    Discover. Connect. Make a Difference.

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    Are you ready to begin the best year yet? It all starts with being prepared! Here's the information you need from our PSO! Please take some time to read through this embedded document.


    We have an amazing band program at RSMS! To prepare for our year, the Band Department will hold our annual Beginning Band Parent Meeting and Instrument Display on Thursday, August 20th. In order to be able to provide the safest and socially distant rental procedure possible, we will split the meeting into two meetings.

    Students with last names beginning with A-L will attend the rental display at 6:00 p.m. and those with the last names starting with the letters M-Z will attend a 7:00 meeting. The meeting will take place in the large gym so that we can allow for social distancing. All in attendance should follow RSD guidelines and wear a mask.

    Families will be able to rent an instrument, purchase a band book and accessories, and receive information concerning band requirements and performance dates at the meeting. Vendors will also have required masks with a slit, flute guards, and bell covers required for safety.

    Three companies: Nottelmann Music (314-631-1486), Music In Arts (314-968-5459), and Palen Music (636-229-1904) will have representatives there to answer your questions, rent the instrument, and supply the necessary accessories and the book needed for the class. If you cannot make the display, you may call and set up a rental over the phone. I believe they all have on-line renting as well. These companies offer affordable rental prices and will make sure you get the correct mouthpiece and accessories for your instrument. They also visit our school once a week to pick up any repairs and deliver ordered accessories so you will never have to spend time driving to the music store. If you are unable to rent an instrument, please email me at I will make sure your child has an instrument to play.

    ** Please note: You may rent or purchase an instrument by check or major credit card!

    Rockwood South Middle School

    Rockwood South Middle School

    Discover. Connect. Make a Difference.

    We are Falcon Proud!

    1628 Hawkins Road, Fenton, MO 63026, USA 

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