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High School FLEX Time Schedules

June 11, 2019

Flex time schedules for high schools

​For the 2019-2020 school year, the high school weekly bell schedule will include flex time. We look forward to offering this new addition as we provide our students with flexibility in their schedule. It's all about supporting their needs and preparing them for college, career and life outside of high school.

What is flex time?

Flex time allows for academic support and enrichment for our students. It will provide time for students to focus on interest-based work. This could include the following: 

  • Collaborate with your teachers.
  • Give and receive tutoring help.
  • ​Attend study sessions with teachers and other students.
  • ​Meet with clubs and extracurricular groups.

When will flex time begin?

Flex time will begin during the second week of the new school year. On certain days, students will be given the opportunity to plan their own flex time activities as part of an extended lunch period.

Are there scheduled lunch shifts during flex time?

No, we will not have scheduled lunch shifts during flex time. Our school cafeterias will be open throughout the lunch/flex time period. Students must plan their days to meet their personal needs. It's important to note that we do need cooperation during flex time to keep our school clean. Be sure to keep lunch trays in the school commons. Place food trash in hallway or commons trash cans so our custodial staff may dispose of it promptly.

What are student expectations during flex time?

All students are to remain on our school campus, and all school rules apply during this time.

Flex time schedule for A, B and C days

View your school's bell schedule.​


Please contact your school principal for more information.