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2nd Quarter: How to Make an Informed Decision With Your High School Student


​​​​Teachers will serve both At Home and At School students within the same class; therefore, instruction will look different than it did in the first quarter for both At Home and At School students as teachers work to meet the needs of both groups. ​Find out what the school day looks like and what expectations there are for both programs in the charts below. ​


At School Students

  • There may be times when your child will be asked to work independently in class so that teachers can work with at-home students.
  • Your child will follow the virtual schedule for the class they are in if they are unable to attend due to symptoms or if they are quarantined.
  • All staff and students will be required to wear masks at all times.
  • Parents will conduct a daily health screening for their children. If students are showing symptoms, parents will keep their children home and communicate their absence.​
  • Each class will have a required seating chart.
  • Students will not be allowed to congregate in the hallways before, during, or after school.
  • For health and safety reasons, the building will open at 8:00 am; students with a zero hour class will be able to access the building earlier.​

Rockwood @ School

At Home Students

  • Your child needs to log on to the classroom Zoom at the specified time for each class period for attendance and to receive instructions for the class.​
  • Teachers may choose to conduct live Zoom lessons with at-home students, or they may serve at-home students with a combination of live Zoom and asynchronous learning (i.​e. learning that students obtain independently); this is a change from 1st quarter’s format.
  • Students can expect to work independently at times throughout the day.
  • Your child may be included in additional class activities (with students at school) depending on the class or activity that would require them to remain on Zoom for an extended period of time
  • Teachers will communicate the Zoom start times to families through Canvas inbox.
  • Zoom links are posted on the Canvas landing page for the course.

Rockwood @ Home

Both At School and At Home Students

  • The classroom teacher is responsible for both at-school and at-home students.
  • Both at-school and at-home students work on the same content; however, delivery will vary.
  • Your child may have independent work to complete outside their school day.
  • Your child will continue to use Canvas. Your child may have independent work to complete outside their school day.
  • Teachers will continue to use Canvas as a communication hub​ for both at-home and at-school students (Course information page, Inbox, Calendar, Modules [Lessons])
  • Teachers will determine how to deliver instruction for at-school and at-home students based on best practices in their content areas.
  • At-home students and in-person students will have a consistent format of assessment.​