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In Classrooms and Student Areas

​​​​​​​Staff Check-in and Classroom Practices

All Rockwood staff members must complete the COVID-19 Self Report Form before starting their school day. Consistent with the St. Louis County Department of Public Health guidance, staff members who have symptoms will notify their supervisor and stay home.

To maximize health and safety, all staff members, students and visitors will wear face masks at Rockwood schools.

Staff members will encourage students to follow district and CDC guidelines for their health and safety. Frequent handwashing will be encouraged. Handwashing and hand sanitizing will be built into classroom routines.

Practices for Social Distancing

Social distancing of at least six feet remains one of the best preventative measures for reducing the spread of COVID-19. It is recognized that if this cannot be accomplished at all times, and distancing of at least three feet has been shown to reduce infections.

Rockwood schools will promote social distancing to the best of our ability through the mapping of learning spaces, visual indicators on floors and in hallways, signage, physical barriers (plexiglass shields) where necessary and reminders to students from teachers and staff.

Safety Considerations

Desks will be arranged to physically distance students. Student seating will be facing the same direction within the classroom. It is recommended that all non-essential furniture and classroom items be removed to maximize floor space when possible.

It is required that teachers assign seats within a classroom and document the location to assist with contact tracing procedures in accordance with the St. Louis County Department of Public Health.

Teachers should digitize printed materials when possible and allowable as determined by copyright guidelines.

Schools will consider the before and after school transitions of students to reduce congregation. In addition, schools will find ways to promote safety during passing periods. Students will not be assigned lockers to minimize the possibility of assembly in school hallways.

During lunch for second semester, students will be assigned seats within the cafeteria to create cohort groups. Schools will also increase the number of lunch shifts to reduce populations within the cafeteria and allow for proper distancing. Face masks will be required in the cafeteria if students are not directly eating or drinking.

Locker rooms will not be used during physical education classes.

One-way hall traffic will be implemented when possible and beneficial. Students and staff will be instructed to remain on the right side of all hallways. Arrows may be placed on the floor as a visual reminder.

Rooms that have two entrances will have one designated as the "entrance" and the other as an "exit."​