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On the School Bus

​​​​​​​​​​We encourage parents who can do so to provide transportation to and from school for their children. For the students who require bus transportation, the Rockwood School District Transportation Department will implement the following safety procedures to protect both students and employees.

Staff Check-in and Screening

  • Drivers and monitors must complete the COVID-19 Self Report Form prior to starting their routes each day. Consistent with the St. Louis County Department of Public Health guidance, drivers and monitors who have symptoms will notify their supervisor and stay home.
  • All drivers and monitors will wear face coverings ​while students are aboard the bus. The face-covering options include a face mask or a face shield to increase visibility if the driver needs to wear eyeglasses.  
  • The seat located directly behind the driver will be left unoccupied. 
  • Any contact with students should only be made during a preventative or an emergency situation.

Sanitization Practices

  • The interior of the bus will be cleaned and disinfected twice daily, paying attention to high-touch surfaces, such as the entrance handrail, seats, steering wheel and door handles. The staff has been provided safety training on how to clean the bus effectively.  
  • Buses will be using the district's advanced level of protection with a cleaning application that persistently and continuously protects surfaces for up to 90 days.​​
  • Increased circulation of outdoor air into the vehicle will be practiced to the extent possible.
  • Open food or drink containers will not be allowed on the bus. Student carry-on items (such as backpacks, sports bags, musical instruments, etc.) should be sanitized each morning before boarding the bus. 
  • Hand washing or use of hand sanitizer before boarding the bus is highly recommended. Hand sanitizers have been installed on each bus. 

Passenger Screening​

Parents should screen their children for COVID-19 symptoms before boarding transportation. Any student showing symptoms of COVID-19 should not board a bus.

Social Distancing

Due to various constraints, Rockwood will implement practices to reduce the likelihood of spreading the disease, such as:

  • When waiting at bus stops, students should maintain at least six feet of social distancing when possible. 
  • G​uest riders will not be allowed for the 2020-2021 school year, to ensure the reduction of student contacts throughout the day.
  • Same-​family households will be expected to sit together in a seat.
  • Assigning students to sit in the same seat going to and returning from the school, unless the Transportation Office has granted prior approval.
  • Face masks are requ​ired for all ​students.​
  • Students will be encouraged to remain in their assigned seats while on the school bus.